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How Much Do SEO Services Cost? [Infographic]

seo costs money

Are you tired of people saying "We can't give you a concrete SEO price until you tell us what you want and we evaluate the project"?

Well, too bad, because it's true. And we're going to keep saying it, because otherwise we'd be lying.

We do understand the frustration of services that don't have a set cost. It can be hard to tell if you're getting taken for a ride, or if the price is more affordable because you're not getting quality SEO. 

Prices will vary from business to business and from project to project. They will vary based on location, quality, and reputation of the SEO agency. 

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You will have to decide what price hits the sweet spot between "affordable" and "really really awesome SEO." 

In the meantime, here's a neat infographic on SEO prices around the world. The survey was taken in 2011, and you can click the infographic to expand it.

Infographic courtesy of SEOmoz.

seo services cost infographic

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