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How to Avoid Spending All of Your Time With Your Inbound Marketing Agency

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Your time is precious. You have day-to-day responsibilties that need your immediate attention. You don't have a lot of time to devote to your inbound marketing agency. Andthat's OK, because you don't have to. 

Here are 5 tips to help you avoid spending all of your time with your inbound marketing agency.

5 Tips to Avoid Spending All Of Your Time With Your Inbound Marketing Agency

1. Answer Workshop Questions Frankly

In order for us to define your buyer persona, it’s important that you answer each question during our workshops truthfully and with as much detail as possible. Don’t be shy about certain details, we’ve probably seen it before (and worse!). Problems and strategies cannot be properly formed without all of the details.

If your buyer persona is not accurately depicted, inbound marketing efforts will not resonate correctly…possibly causing them to fail.

2. Have an Internal Member of Your Team Become a Point of Contact

It’s important to have an internal point of contact. The person you choose should have the authority to make decisions and deliver what is needed in a timely manner.

3. Keep Your Agency in the Know

If you’re hosting an event, attending a trade show/conference, or making internal changes, let us know! Trade shows and conferences are great topics for building relationships with industry experts and showing off your expertise. Internal changes are important for keeping customers in-the-know, and keeping prospects warm.

4. Stay Focused

It’s important to stay focused and not stray away from your original goals. Straying  will produce results at a slower pace.

5. Trust Your Agency

Remember, you hired us because we’re are experts in our field. We’re a team of talented individuals that want the best for you. So trust us and our strategy. Success will follow.

In Short

After our initial workshops, we typically require 1-2 hours of your time per week. It’s imperative to your inbound marketing efforts to

  • Be straightforward  so we can understand your buyer persona.
  • Designate a point of contact to make decisions and deliver items in a timely manner.
  • Let us know if you have news or events on your radar. They’re a great source of content.
  • Stay focused in workshops, on calls, and when giving feedback.
  • Finally, trust us. If you fail, we fail. If you succeed, we succeed. We truly want the best for you.

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