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How to Market a SaaS Business | Medical Technology Marketing

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Medical SaaS companies face some unique challenges when it comes to brand awareness and lead generation.

Products can be complex to understand from the outside. The person who’s interested in a product usually isn’t the final decision maker. And that decision-maker is often the hard-headed one in the group -- the person who's convinced their company doesn’t need to upgrade its technologies. 

Marketing a SaaS business doesn't have to be complicated. 


What it Takes to Market a SaaS Business

Certain medical technology marketing strategies work well. Why? Because they strategically target these challenges head-on. What are they?

  • Content marketing
  • Social media 
  • SEO
  • Product demos or trials
  • Email lead nurturing
  • Following up

Let’s dive into what makes strategies that are tried, trusted, and true. 

Create a Buyer Persona

Before diving into strategies to market your SaaS business, we have to ask: Do you have a buyer persona? Don’t have one? Check out our free Ultimate Buyer Persona Guide for Healthcare Technology:


buyer persona guide for healthcare technology - download button 

Content Marketing

Did you know that 57% or more of the B2B buyer's journey now happens before a prospect speaks with a sales rep? If you're not reaching people during that 57%, your prospects are already someone else's future customers.

Content marketing uses blog posts, videos, and other material to educate and engage prospects so that they become leads. Content marketing specifically targets this pre-first-contact time when prospects are learning about potential solutions to their problems. 


Content may also include:

  • Case studies
  • Webinars
  • Infographics
  • eBooks
  • White papers

Social Media

Effective SaaS marketing lead generation strategies include being in the same places your prospects hang out. 

Social media platforms, especially LinkedIn, are where many B2B decision-makers interact and share content. Leverage this information-seeking to share how your technology benefits them. Build trust. Engage new prospects and leads regularly.

Resource: Using Hashtags to Reach Healthcare Tech Prospects


Half of the battle in raising your company’s brand awareness is being seen in the first place. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of website and marketing strategies that gets your website and its content in front of prospects as they navigate their buyer’s journey. By creating a steady stream of content peppered with relevant keywords, your site becomes more visible in Google searches that matter to your company.

Impactful SEO is not simple. It involves:


  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Improving website performance (speed, navigation, traffic, engagement, etc.)
  • Creating and publishing regular content
  • Developing content strategies
  • Website monitoring
  • Analytics


Product Demos and Trials

Because of the complexity of SaaS, it's essential to get a demo version of a product into the hands of leads. 

What better way for a prospect to learn how your product solves a problem or improves operations than by seeing it in action?

Pro Tip: Offer a demo in exchange for an email address -- not only does this get your product in front of a prospect, you also now have an avenue to continue a conversation. 


Email Lead Nurturing

Email marketing can deliver an ROI of $44 for every $1 spent. That's because email gives you the unique opportunity to segment content based upon buyer personas. And you can regularly engage prospects through email automation

Together these add a clear level of SaaS marketing efficiency difficult to achieve when using traditional medical technology marketing methods.

You can also use email to filter out cold leads or move promising leads down the sales funnel by tracking who is opening emails and clicking on CTAs.

Following Up

In a SaaS customer acquisition strategy, generating website traffic and turning them into leads are paramount. But if you fail to follow up when their interest is piqued, you lose traction. Even worse, a competitor could snatch the prospect up, making your B2B SaaS inbound marketing efforts fruitless. 

Following up through automated emails keeps engagement and conversations going. And you continue nurturing that relationship with a lead that will hopefully be fruitful.


Hire an Inbound Marketing Agency

Creating a well-oiled, dividend-paying marketing strategy is a big job. And it’s time-consuming -- something healthcare tech marketers struggle with. 

Working with an inbound marketing agency puts all the above tactics to work for you without having to put in the effort each requires. With the right inbound marketing agency and a solid strategy, your website and content can become a lead-generating machine that’s always running, even when you’re swamped.

Firing up the SaaS Business Marketing Engine

Though SaaS Business marketing can be challenging, the right marketing strategies make life easier and bring new leads to you. 

Ready for more prospects to learn how your company can help them? 

Learn the 4 Steps to Building a Brand Awareness Strategy in Healthcare Technology:


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