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Inbound 2017: Conversion Lessons from Tinder and HubSpot

INBOUND 2017.jpgINBOUND 2017 is an event that celebrates the human, helpful side of the business. It’s full of inspiration, education, and connections you need to grow and transform your business (so I’ve read and heard).

Last year, INBOUND had 19,000+ attendees!


I’ve never been to an INBOUND conference, but it’s safe to say I’m itching to go and learn.

Here are two conversion-focused sessions I’m looking forward to at Inbound 2017 (and Michelle Obama’s keynote).  

Tinder, Spinster, & JSwipe: 7 Hacks These Apps Taught Me to Improve Website Conversions

Danny Wajcman.jpgSpeaker: Danny Wajcman - COO, CO Founder, Lucky Orange

Tinder is something very relatable to my generation. I can easily name five friends that have used Tinder successfully. One of my friends is actually marrying her match in February! (You might say she’s glad she swiped right.)

Tinder has probably produced thousands of “conversions” for couples. Now, I’m ready to swipe right to take my relationship with my website visitors and my clients’ website visitors to the next level.

As an added bonus, Danny is the co-founder of Lucky Orange. Lucky Orange is an all-in-one conversion optimization suite that lets you see everything a website visitor did on your website before they left. Which is especially important if ... you guessed it ... they didn’t convert.

Session description: My experiences with today's hottest dating apps led to unexpected, eye-opening lessons about website conversion that can apply to marketers, agencies, and companies alike. So start swiping right and get ready to take your relationship with visitors to the next level with this honest look at website conversion hacks (and dating apps) in today's fast-paced digital world. Get ready to close the deal with your website visitors, address all conversion issues, and avoid common website mistakes.

How HubSpot Overhauled Lead Nurturing & Doubled Conversions

Laurie-Aquilante-Small.jpgSpeaker: Laurie Aquilante - Senior Marketing Manager, HubSpot

One thing I love about HubSpot folks is their transparency. Not only with their platform, but also with their own marketing. They constantly reassure you that you’re not alone, because they’ve been there. And they’re always ready to use the lessons they’ve learned to help you succeed.

I’m excited to absorb the key takeaways from Lauren’s session and implement them as soon as I get back to Bradford, Pa. -- or maybe as soon as I leave her session. :)

Session description: What does your funnel look like today? Is it efficient? Leaky? Stuck? Every marketer has been there, including HubSpot. Come learn about the challenges we've faced in our marketing funnel and how we completely reinvented our lead nurturing programs to drive more engagement and more customers. You'll hear about cutting-edge tactics and get real-life examples that you can take back to your desk and start implementing right now.

Featured Speaker Michelle Obama

giphy (25).gif

I love Michelle Obama. Maybe because I’m a woman in her 20s, but really, how could you not? For eight years she quietly and confidently changed the course of American history.   

I have a feeling this keynote will be full of inspiration. What a perfect fit for INBOUND 2017.

Session description: Former First Lady Michelle Obama has been described as one of the greatest political communicators of our time, despite never running for elected office herself. During her time in the White House, Mrs. Obama approached the Office of the First Lady with a focus on connecting to the American public through digital and social platforms and she succeeded, not just in single-handedly making turnips cool again, but also in becoming a cultural icon herself. As a world-class communicator, an advocate for global education, and an example of leading with openness and inclusivity, we think Mrs. Obama is the perfect person to inspire the inbound movement.

Can’t make to INBOUND? Don’t worry, I’ll be live tweeting the entire time. Follow me!

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