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Increasing B2B SaaS Content Marketing Lifespans in 5 Ways

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B2B SaaS content marketing can be outrageously effective for engaging new prospects and nurturing  promising leads. 

With consistent regulation updates and a changing healthcare landscape, companies are always looking for answers to pain points. 

But creating content can be time-consuming. Someone needs to take time to conduct keyword research, evaluate analytics, and strategize -- and that’s before they even sit down to write or film.


5 Ways to Get More From Your B2B SaaS Content Marketing 

With a little finesse, most of the content you’ve already created can have a long lifespan and reach more prospects. Content doesn’t have an expiration date, after all. 

To get more life out of your content:

  1. Think ROPS
  2. Repurpose webinar material
  3. Compile Blog Posts into an Ebook 
  4. Transcribe Videos to Make Blog Posts 
  5. Convert Presentations, Blogs, and Videos Into Infographics

Let’s explore what each of these mean and how they can lighten your content production load. 

1. Think ROPS (rewrite, optimize, publish, and share)

With some editing, your old blog posts can be a treasure trove for a steady stream of content. 

Maybe you weren't quite sure about your content strategy back when the blog posts were first published. Today you know much more about your B2B buyer's journey, buyer’s persona, and how to best convert visitors to leads. You could hit content marketing goals out of the ballpark by freshening posts up with new information and relevant keywords. 

2. Repurpose Webinar Content 

A 45-minute webinar contains a wealth of information. But it's a lot for healthcare technology business leaders to digest in one sitting. And what about those prospects who couldn’t attend the presentation?
Find sections of the webinar that can stand alone, convert them to short videos (2-5 minutes), and share them as a series. 

For those looking to take a deep dive into the webinar’s content, provide downloadable transcripts of the talk and its accompanying slides.

3. Compile Blogs Into an eBook

Blog posts are a great tool to engage prospects and leads and establish your company as a trusted resource for addressing their pain points. 

One blog post can go a long way to that end. Combining 10 related blog posts can go even further.

With a little reworking, a collection of related blog posts can become a cohesive ebook prospects can download and take a deep dive into on their own time.

4. Transcribe Videos to Make Blog Posts

Here's another quick win: Search engine bots can’t watch keyword-rich, quality video. They can, however, crawl equally valuable, dense, and consumable text.

With the number of speech-to-text tools out there today, it's easier than ever to transcribe a video. With some small edits, you can turn a video into a fresh blog post ready to reach new prospects and begin converting them to leads.


5. Convert Presentations, Blogs, Videos Into Infographics

Presentations, blogs, and videos can become infographics or other visuals with a little creativity and design work.

When a concept becomes visual, it allows you to very quickly impart a healthcare technology marketing message, to get attention so you can further build trust with your ideal prospect. 

On top of that, infographics get 2x more shares than blog posts, making them a powerful social engagement tool that can drive traffic back to your website.


Keep Your B2B SaaS Content Marketing Production Simple 

Keeping a content calendar full doesn’t have to be a big challenge. Through careful repurposing and repackaging, one piece of content can go a long way and reach even more prospects as they find your healthcare technology company. 


Ready to start developing content for your ideal prospect? 

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