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Jump Off the Website Redesign Hamster Wheel

Website-Redesign-Hamster-Wheel.jpgHow many times has your B2B website been redesigned? Does it seem like every 3-5 years you go through a redesign process with the hope of better results? 

This is all too common, especially with manufacturers and other B2B companies. There's a common misconception that by giving their site a face lift, it will entice more people to visit the site and become leads. 

This way of thinking leads to thousands of dollars in website redesign costs and typically results in the same performance it was achieving before the redesign.

Ditch the Redesign Hamster Wheel and Invest In a Strategy That Takes You Somewhere

Continuous website redesigns are like a hamster wheel. It feels like you're going somewhere, but you're really just treading water. You're investing time and effort, but not getting anywhere. 

A redesign may make your site more mobile friendly. It may give you a better tool set to manage the content. It may even improve your site's search engine rankings

Does any of that matter if IT STILL DOESN'T PRODUCE LEADS AND SALES????

No. The answer to that question is, NO. Chances are really good that your website doesn't need to be redesigned to be more effective at driving leads and new RFQs. You may need a few new tools in your arsenal, but not a complete redesign.

New Call-to-action

What you really need is a lead generation strategy. A focused effort to

  • attract the right visitors to your site with great, educational content,
  • convert them into leads with premium content that helps them learn the best steps to take to solve their problem or pursue an opportunity, and
  • close the leads into delighted customers through lead nurturing and inbound sales.

Website Redesigns Should Still Happen, But With A Clear Strategy

Hopefully this post hasn't completely discouraged you from redesigning your site that was built in 2002. That wasn't my intention. My point is that a website redesign every few years isn't the answer to the fundamental problem you're trying to solve, more leads and sales.

Website redesigns will still need to happen. Technology will continue to change. You should approach your future redesign efforts with lead generation and sales as your primary focus. 

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