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Mastering Brand Storytelling for Healthcare Technology Marketing in 5 Steps

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How you tell your brand’s story impacts all the content you produce to convert new visitors to leads, and later, happy customers. Your brand storytelling helps prospects engage with your company on a much deeper level and develop a personal connection.  

Done right, your brand storytelling can be a lead-generating component of your new customer acquisition and retention strategy.

Leveraging Brand Storytelling in Healthcare Technology Marketing in 5 Steps 

Brand storytelling goes beyond the “Our History” narrative on an About Us page. 

From the “What we’re doing” to the “Why we do it” to the “What we’ve learned,” each of your brand’s stories provides opportunities to highlight the many sides of your company to new prospects. 

Here are 5 key steps to crafting impactful brand stories: 

  1. Write to your audience 
  2. Have a brand voice
  3. Be personal
  4. Be helpful
  5. Be approachable 

1. Write to Your Audience 

To create your brand’s stories, you’ll first need to know who your audience is. 

Without that information, you’re simply casting a wide net in uncharted waters hoping to reel in a few good leads. 

Buyer personas allow you to cater your storytelling to the best audience possible -- the customer you’d clone 10 times if you could. This also impacts the brand voice (which we’ll talk about in the next step) you’ll ultimately use to tell your stories.

2. Have a Brand Voice

A brand voice is an extension of your brand’s personality. It’s conveyed through:

  • Word choice
  • Tone
  • Images 
  • Actions 

With a brand voice, your company expresses itself appropriately to help prospects get a better feel for who your company really is. A brand voice also ensures that all content your company produces -- from blog posts to the answers on its FAQ webpage -- communicates messages consistently. 

Going back to the first step -- remember who you’re writing to when developing a brand voice. The way you’d engage with a decision maker at a major healthcare company is likely different than how you would with someone a few rungs down the corporate ladder. 

Resource: Don’t have a brand voice for your company yet? Here are 5 steps to creating one.

3. Be Personal 

By this we don’t mean share your company’s innermost thoughts and feelings.

Rather, offer prospects a window into the human side of your healthcare technology company. Help them understand your thought processes and values and how both contribute to your desire for their success. 

Consumers want to be treated as individuals. They’re increasingly looking for personalized experiences with a company. Part of that desired experience is rooted in feeling as though they can relate to a company that truly understands their needs. 

Through humanizing your brand stories, you’re better able to connect with prospects about: 

  • Who your company is
  • What it does
  • Why/how it can help 


4. Be Approachable 

This goes hand-in-hand with the last point. 

Chances are if a prospect is visiting your website for the first time or reading one of your blog posts, they’re at a stage in their buyer’s journey where they have questions. The stories your brand tells should invite prospects to ask those questions or start a conversation with your sales and marketing team. 

A simple call to action at the end of a blog post to schedule a quick phone call gets that ball rolling. 

Text that reads like stereo instructions and is full of jargon doesn’t lend itself to helping a prospect connect with your company. It might push prospects away -- and that’s the last thing you want. 

5. Be Helpful 

Your product represents an investment. Without feeling confident about it, why would someone spend money on it?

Brand stories can build trust with your future satisfied customers. 

As we touched on earlier, those visiting your website are probably looking to solve a pain point. The stories you share should be resources to educate or inspire. They shouldn’t simply be another way to peddle your product -- prospects recognize an overt sales pitch when they see one. 

What better way to establish trust with a potential sales qualified lead than extending a helping hand? 

As an added bonus, your brand storytelling helps maintain relationships with past customers and keeps them coming back to you as a one-stop shop for resources.

The Impact of Brand Storytelling in Healthcare Technology Marketing

At its core, storytelling is all about eliciting a meaningful, emotional connection with a prospect. Telling your brand’s stories effectively means you’ll have a much easier time converting the right prospect into a sales qualified lead -- and hopefully a loyal customer. 


Ready to start telling your brand’s story?  

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