Why Mobile Marketing Matters for Email Marketing Campaigns

Ashley Wilson-Rew

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Why does mobile matter for your email marketing efforts?

According to OptInMonster, 74% of smartphone users check email on their phones

However, only 12% of email campaigns use responsive design

What does it mean when nobody is optimizing their online efforts? It means there's an opportunity for you to outshine your competitors. You could follow the crowd and lag behind technology... or, you could blaze ahead and set the bar for your competitors and customers.

By 2017, a third of the entire world is expected to own a smartphone. Make your email campaigns responsive  now to stay in front of tomorrow's prospects. 

What does non-responsive email look like on a mobile device?

Here's what your customers see when they open a non-responsive email on their smartphones. Example from WalkWear:

What's the difference?

  1. Font size - Recipients no longer have to squint, pinch, and zoom to read text.
  2. Menus - Distracting, hard-to-read menus are removed to reduce clutter.
  3. Button size - Buttons are enlarged to make clicking easy and reduce "fat finger" accidental clicks.
  4. Order - Content and images are stacked for easy reading.
  5. Simplicity - Extraneous text, buttons, and images are removed to keep everything simple.

In general, everything is larger and more pronounced for easy reading and clicking. Most people are not interested enough to read your emails when it means extra effort for them. However, they're happy to scroll through an email that's mobile-friendly and scannable.

Make your customers' lives as easy as possible. They'll reward you with engagement.

Why Mobile Matters in Email Marketing

Here are some statistical takeaways from this infographic:

  • The average person checks their smartphone 110 times per day.
  • Email is the most popular activity on smartphones.
  • Email marketing produces more sales on smartphones than on tablets or desktops.
  • 75% of emails viewed on mobile are likely to be deleted if they're not mobile friendly.

Infographic by display block.


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