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Social Media for Medical Device Companies: Where to Plant Your Flag

social media for medical device - flag on mountainSocial media is everywhere you turn and the number of platforms can be overwhelming to choose from. Do you choose the most popular social media? The trendiest? Or targeted channels specific to the medical tech industry? 

Social media for medical device companies may seem complex, but the answer to these questions can be found when the why, where, what, when, and how are considered.

Why Use Social Media as a Medical Device Company? 

Social media is measurable, insightful, and when done correctly, distinctive. Even B2B companies have something to gain from social media -- especially if you target:

  • The right platforms
  • The right people
  • At the right time

Social Media Metrics and Lead Generation 

Social media quantifies almost all the interactions that take place between followers and brands online. Leads may research medical device companies on social channels before reaching out, or may be simply joining the conversation about an industry topic.

Analyzing B2B social media metrics can help you see important trends and uncover leads that can be nurtured into customers before they look to a competitor.  

Make your online presence noteworthy. That way your brand name will be top of mind when that prospect is finally ready to buy. 


The use of social media allows a medical device company to assume a particular character.

Prospects want to interact with empathic, human-centered businesses, not with cold-hearted robots. Social media allows its users to feel as if a one-to-one conversation is happening between a business and an individual. 

Personality also distinguishes one medical device company from another -- you want to stand out, right? Identify your company’s branding and voice. Keep it consistent across your social media.

social media for medical devices - handshakeFirst Impressions

Social media can serve as a first impression of a company. 

Does your company’s social media seem inviting and credible? Or confusing and untrustworthy? Leads want to engage with medical device companies that appeal to them both emotionally and rationally.

Customer Input

Customer input and praise are readily expressed on social media because of its informal and anonymous nature. By monitoring your social media, you’re able to observe potential strengths and weaknesses in your medical devices and your customer service. Pinpointing strengths or improving on weaknesses can improve your business both online and offline.

For example, current customers may comment on the functionality of a certain feature of your product or service. If it’s positive feedback, interact with them, or maybe even seek a testimonial. If it’s negative feedback, show empathy and prove your dedication to the customer experience by finding a quick solution. 

Where Should You Post? 


  • LinkedIn: The healthcare industry is a serious business. The social media platforms you choose should mirror that intent. Companies and professionals look to LinkedIn for credible solutions
  • YouTube: If your medical device company has any stunning visuals to showcase, YouTube is the place to upload. It’s also an ideal platform for “about us” videos and product demos. Think of YouTube as another search engine, just like Google. There are many steps you can take to climb the results rankings.


  • Twitter: Twitter is historically the fastest place on the internet for businesses to release information or manage real-time crises. It’s also more probable that your content will get shared on the platform, especially with the use of hashtags.

  • Facebook: Facebook ads can help target your content to the most relevant people. Reaching customers organically is far more challenging. Targeted ads allow you to spend your money where you want it to go.

  • Healthcare-specific sites: Sermo and other healthcare-specific sites can be used to target medical professionals. This can be useful for hyper-targeted efforts.
When it comes to social media B2B lead generation, quality over quantity is always ideal. Medical device companies should only invest in social media sites if the content can satisfy or exceed the expectations of potential or current customers. 


What Content Should You Feature? 

The content created on social media should add educational value or create an emotional connection for its followers. 

Leads and current customers want educational material of value to apply to their profession (especially if they’re browsing LinkedIn). A medical device company should be viewed as a problem-solver. Creating content that appeals to the emotions makes it more memorable and demonstrates genuine care, an important aspect of the healthcare industry. 

When Should You Post? 

Posting at key points of the day is necessary if a medical device company wants to optimize B2B engagement and lead generation. The timing of a post can drastically increase its performance and visibility. Learn more about the latest day and time trends here.

Trends are always changing, so don’t rely on old data for too long. Keep in mind the behavior of your leads first and foremost. 

How Often Should You Post?

The frequency of posting should vary upon the behavior of your customer base and the platform on which you’re posting. It’s crucial not to over-post or under-post. Leads should not be pestered, nor should they forget you exist.

Scheduling posts at a consistent rate is equally important. This allows followers to look forward to your content regularly.

The First Step 

Social media can establish a personality for medical device companies, which make you distinct among the competition and create human connections with leads. The integration of social media best practices -- no matter how “dry” your product or service is -- can increase your chances of securing the next big client.

To learn more about how to stand out with social media and other inbound marketing tactics, grab the free e-book below:

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