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The Best Manufacturing Website's #1 Trait

You're a manufacturer. You want to increase sales. You want to impress your prospects with your capabilities and experience, so you deck out your website with page after page of your excellence. Unfortunately, you're not even in the top 1,000 best manufacturing websites...

The Bottom Line - No One Cares About You...Yet.

While you might be the best manufacturer in the world, your prospects don't care about that when they're looking for solutions to problems. They want to learn more about their problem, and how to solve it. 

Only after they do that, will they even consider caring about you, and your excellence. 

The Best Manufacturing Website's #1 Trait = Education

If you want to break into the top 100 manufacturing websites, you need to shift the focus of your website and blog from being all about you to being all about your prospect.

  • What are their problems? 
  • What are the symptoms they experience before identifying their problems?
  • What are the options they have to fix their problems (not just your's)?
  • What are the buying criteria they should use to fix the problems?
  • etc...

The best manufacturing website's #1 trait is education. They focus on being thought leaders and trusted sources for buyers first, and highlight their excellence second.

You've Educated Them... Now They Care About You

You've educated your prospect, and helped them to get a better feel for their problem and how to solve it. Now they want to compare you to the competition. 

You know those fancy website pages that scream from the rooftops about how fantastic you are? Now, they are relevant. The prospect is nearing the end of their purchasing process, when your excellence is much more relevant to them.

By Educating, You Connect Sooner and Build Rapport Faster

Having a website filled with content that only talks about you is completely irrelevant to prospects that are researching their problems. They'll never find you in search results or social media when they begin their buying process. Additionally, no one likes to do business with a company that only cares about themselves.

By using your website's blog to educate your prospects, you'll establish brand recognition sooner, and start to build trust and rapport with your soon-to-be customers

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