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The Cost of SEO Services [Infographic]

cost of seo expectations vs. reality

Here is a series of common questions we get from new clients:

"How much does SEO cost? That much?! Why does it cost that much? Why the heck should I pay you that much? What Google magic are you doing to my site that could POSSIBLY make it worth that cost?" 

Some of the components of SEO that make it relatively expensive are:

  • Expertise. Like any other service, you're paying to make sure it's done right. Yeah, you could ask your friend who did SEO that one time to help you for 1/10 the cost. But, that will bring you more trouble (and cost to fix the trouble) than it's worth.

  • Time. The more you pay for SEO, the faster you'll see results. 

  • Research. If you want an SEO strategy built just for your company, that requires major research on our part.

  • Web marketing. Most high-quality SEO companies will do more than just SEO. Many have experience with a host of inbound marketing tactics that will supplement your SEO and make it more effective.

  • Partnership. If all goes well, your SEO agency will be a friend for life. They'll make consistent recommendations and improvements to your SEO strategy based on current trends (plus, it's not unusual for partner agencies to refer potential customers to you).

All this doesn't mean SEO has to break your bank - there are plenty of affordable SEO services for smaller businesses.

Just don't expect to pay $100 a month and get the #1 rank in Google in any reasonable amount of time.

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infographic cost of seo services

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