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The Effect of SEO on a Small-Town Business


SEO isn't just for mega-corporations. It's for the old lady who makes her living selling knit socks online, it's for the trucker who sells his paintings on his off days, and it's for you.

SEO is for everybody. SEO doesn't discriminate, and it's waiting to help any business that needs it.

In this particular case, SEO helped one man and his tiny watch repair business, in a small town not far from here...

Setting: A dreary spring day in the year 2012. Rain is pitter-pattering on the roof, and the Watch Doctor sits in his workshop surrounded by his tools and a slew of half-assembled watches. His head is in his hands. 

"Woe is me!" He finally cries out. "I can fix the watches, and I can run the business, but my website is in shambles!"

He leaps to his feet and sweeps his arms across the table, sending the small pieces of time clattering across the room. He paces like a caged tiger.

"If I cannot take control of my online presence - my brand! - within the year, I shall be destitute." He falls to his knees. "Who can save me from this cruel fate?"

He hangs his head in despair.

And then, an explosive crash from the doorway! Could it be...? The Watch Doctor turns, not quite daring to believe. His door is in pieces on the floor, and the figure of a man is silhouetted in the light of the breaking sun.

A voice booms forth. "Do not despair, Watch Doctor, for I have seen your plight. I will give you the tools to make your website successful - but they will only work in the right hands." He places a laptop in the Watch Doctor's hands. "Go, seek the masters, and have hope."

A flash of light, and he is gone. The Watch Doctor stares in wonder, then leaps to his feet once more, new laptop clutched tightly to his chest.

"I will find the masters!" he vowed, returning to his table and opening the machine. Only a single word and a number stared back at him.

protocol 80...

Ok, so maybe it didn't happen exactly like that. 

What did happen is one of our clients, the Watch Doctor (who goes by the name Mike Sirianni in his off hours), was having website troubles in 2012. He was referred to us by the Kane Chamber of Commerce, and we've been helping him out ever since.

Our first order of business was to fix up his website and get him started with SEO. Mark was completely unfamiliar with SEO, but when he found out it would make his website easier to find, he was fully on board.

It takes about six months to see tangible, consistent results even with the best SEO money can buy, and Mark's case was no different. Around month six, he was seeing a steady 12% increase in organic search traffic to his site.

By month nine, it was a 113% increase. Four years later, it's still growing steadily. 

The best part is...

We didn't just increase Mark's website traffic. We increased the type of traffic that he needed. 

In the past, he'd been taking smaller and less profitable jobs simply because those were the people that found his website. The customer would want a tiny, easy fix, and shipping the piece back cost more than the actual repair. It wasn't a great model for his business.

When we optimized his site, we emphasized his skills in Rolex and Omega watch repair. You know - the nice stuff. 

Suddenly, he was getting more requests to fix high-end watches. 


But, our job wasn't finished yet. Once Mark saw the new business flooding in, he wondered if he could do even more. Coming up in the Watch Doctor Series:

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  • Responsive Website Design


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For the full story all at once, you can download Case Study #1: The Watch Doctor here!

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