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Using HubSpot Free to Implement Trade Show Emails

You’ve explored pre-trade show email templates and templates to send after the show is over (and if you haven't, what are you waiting for?!) to help become more productive and save time reaching out to trade show leads.

But now that you have these awesome templates prepared, are you being efficient with implementing them?

There’s lots of options for efficient email marketing out there, but we recommend HubSpot due to the ease of implementing the templates, as well as the ability to see meaningful data after you send so you can constantly tweak and improve your process.

A Walk-Through of Setting Up Your Trade Show Emails in HubSpot

If you’re new to HubSpot, or considering a starter or free package to take advantage of the email tools and CRM software, this video will be helpful in learning how to transfer your templates to the HubSpot email editor, effectively send the email to the correct contacts, and pull the necessary data after sending: 

PS -- This video was filmed on account that has HubSpot free, however the implementation would be pretty much the same for any HubSpot tier.

5 Best Practice Tips for Sending Trade Show Emails

Whether you’re using the video above with HubSpot tools or taking advantage of another platform, here are some best practice tips for making sure all your emails run smoothly.

  1. Always remove the personalization token. The templates that we’ve provided feature personalization indicators, both ones that can be used as personalization tokens within the email sending platform, and ones that require you to manually fill in information. Always triple check that you have removed all these indicators before sending!

  2. Send from the appropriate sales rep. It’s best practice to send from either the rep who will be in the recipient’s territory, or the rep who they met at the trade show. This helps lend credibility and context to the email they are going to open.

  3. Test view on mobile. Always send yourself, or a teammate, a test of the email you’re working on sending and open it on your phone. When possible, open it on phones that have different operating systems, such as iOS and Android, to ensure that it looks how you intended it to on both.

  4. Set KPIs and review. Whether you’re looking at open rate, click rate, reply rate, or another KPI -- set your goals in advance of sending the email, measure accordingly, and compare to other trade show emails of a similar nature. When you are able to draw conclusions about what worked best, mimic it when possible with future emails.

  5. Interview customers. Ask your current customers about how they prefer to receive communication from sales reps before and after a trade show. Is there a time of day they prefer? A call to action they’re most receptive too? Your current customers are the biggest asset you have.

Is Something Else Holding You Up?

Now that you've mastered trade show email templates and implementation, is the rest of your trade show marketing strategy (and marketing strategy in general) up to speed?

If not, our team is happy to brainstorm ways to increase efficiency for your sales team. Just click below to get started: 👇

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