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What Type of Content Are Your B2B Prospects Looking For?

Your B2B prospects have endless options when they search for content online. In order to reach them, you need to know what type of content they’re looking for, and more specifically, what content they’re actually absorbing as opposed to skimming.

Hubspot Research conducted a Consumer Behavior Survey to find what types of content are closely read and which types aren’t.

What types of content are your B2B prospects consuming thoroughly?

  1. Videos. 55% of prospects are consuming videos throughly.
  2. Social Media Posts. 52% of prospects are consuming social media posts thoroughly.
  3. News Articles. 49% of prospects are consuming news articles thoroughly.
  4. Research Content. 47% of prospects are consuming research content thoroughly.
  5. Online Classes/Educational Games. 37% of prospects are consuming online classes/educational games thoroughly.

What are they skimming?

  1. Blogs. 43% of prospects skim blogs.
  2. Interactive Articles or Tools. 42% prospects skim through interactive articles and tools.
  3. Long Form Business Content. 41% of prospects skim long form business content.
  4. Pop Culture or News Related Long Form Content. 40% of prospects skim pop culture or news related long form content.
  5. Podcasts. 36% of prospects skim (read: skip) through podcasts.

Refocus Your Content Efforts

Your prospects are constantly consuming large amounts of content online, so don’t completely ditch some of your current content. Instead, refocus your efforts to reflect why your prospects are paying attention to certain forms of content instead of others.

For example:

  • Make your blog posts easier to skim through with headlines, bullet points, and photos
  • Add a table of contents, page headers, and headlines to give long form business content structure

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