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    From a Landing Page to a Thank You Page

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    You’ve captured the information of your lead. Now, it’s time to send your newly converted lead to the
    next step in their journey.

    What is a Thank You Page?

    A thank you page is the follow-up to your landing page. It’s where your newly converted lead ends up after filling out the form on your landing page. It delivers the offer you promised on the landing page.

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    You already know the components of a landing page. Let’s take a look at the components of a thank you page.

    Components of a Thank You Page

    Let’s continue with our example from Anchor Fabrication.  Once you convert on their landing page, you end up here: 

    Thank You Page AF.png

    Here’s the breakdown.

    1. Give Them Access to Your Offer

    Your thank you page includes the promised offer in the form of a download link or direct email. We like to do both. As long as they get it, the “how” isn’t as important. 

    Access to Offer.png

    Anchor Fabrication lets their lead know the eBook they asked for is being sent to their email. The new lead is getting exactly what they signed up for.

    2. Bring Back Your Navigation Links

    Navigation links on a landing page are distracting. Now that you have your lead’s attention, bring back your navigation menu on your thank you page. This way they can continue exploring your website.

    Navigation Links.png

    By allowing their newly converted lead access to the rest of their website, Anchor Fabrication is gently nudging them further through their buyer’s journey.

    3. Let Them Know What’s Next

    After a new lead has converted and taken advantage of your offer, you need to let them know what to do next. Bringing back the main navigation helps, but it doesn’t provide specific direction.

    Add links to pages related to their recent conversion, CTAs to additional conversion opportunities, or videos that include more information.

    what's next.png

    Anchor Fabrication lets their lead know that they can take a tour of their facility, further engaging their lead in the journey.

    4. Include Social Media Sharing

    Social media sharing buttons are a must-have on your thank you page. When your visitor is on your thank you page, they have already converted, making them more likely to share your content.

    Social Media Sharing.png

    Anchor Fabrication gives their lead the opportunity to share the eBook with their social network. Logic says your lead associates with similar people - meaning more high-quality potential leads.

    5. Include Calls-To-Action

    Calls-to-action give your lead other ways to connect with your company, including more offers they might be interested in.


    Finally, Anchor Fabrication includes a call-to-action so their lead can receive all kinds of information about the company. If a lead subscribes to your email list, you know they’re interested.

    On your landing page, your newly converted lead  made the choice to share their contact information with you. Don’t leave them hanging. Use your thank you page to engage your lead further in their conversion journey.

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