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How to Use HubSpot for Sales: Leveraging Automation

leveraging hubspot automation for inbound sales

Today, we're diving deep into how to leverage automation for sales using HubSpot's task automation software.

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Let's start with sequences, my personal favorite. Sequences allow you to preset your frequently used email templates, string them together, and send them in a cadence that works for you. 


Automated Tasks & Workflows

One of the cool features of sequences is the ability to incorporate tasks. 

Let's say you have three emails going out in 10 days – you can set an automated task to remind you to make a phone call to the customer in between.

Furthermore, sequences can be sent directly from your inbox if you're using the HubSpot sales extension in Gmail or Outlook, which is particularly handy if you work primarily via your email client rather than in HubSpot. 

Then we have the workflows tool which, while a little trickier to personalize, is great for less obvious leads – someone you're unsure of, or someone who converts using a Gmail account, from whom you want to glean more information. 

Internally, workflows can cut down on those admin tasks that sales teams dread, and automate repetitive tasks, such as, among other things:

  • Creating contact records 
  • Setting up tasks
  • Changing property values

The playbook is another internal tool (at the Enterprise level) that provides a script for sales reps to follow during calls. It populates questions automatically, which is especially useful during long discovery and exploratory calls. You can also use it to change and update properties on contact and deal records.


Let’s Make This Personal

Now, how to keep automation personal? 

For sequences, it's a little easier because if you're sending them manually you can edit each

email in the sequence before you send it.

Between the automation of the sequences and the automation of the workflows, really try to use those personalization tokens for all they're worth!

Personalization tokens can be highly effective, as can the inclusion of video content. 

And remember, keep your tone friendly, not sales-y


Best Practices

Finally, a few best practices: 

  1. Keep it personal.
  2. Test everything (from links to tone), and don't be afraid to send it to a colleague to get some extra eyes on it.
  3. Consider including an unsubscribe link, particularly in B2B communications. 

While we've only touched on a few of HubSpot's automation tools today, they are undoubtedly powerful aids in both internal and external sales automation. 

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