What We Do

    We help businesses with complex sales cycles turn their online presence into a consistent source of new leads and new customers. We want our clients to be viewed as thought leaders in their industries, that are able to connect and engage with their prospects at every stage of the buying process.

    To us, success is catapulting our clients’ growth by turning their web presence into their single largest channel of new sales opportunities. It’s helping our clients land the ‘big fish’ prospect they’ve been trying to ‘catch’ for years. It’s turning our clients into a trusted resource for their prospects through helpful and educational marketing. It’s hearing our clients say that p80 is the only marketing strategy they need.


    We owe a huge debt of gratitude . . . to the protocol 80 team for providing the tools, knowledge, and resources to modernize our company. Sharing their expertise has helped allow us to better compete in the ever increasingly competitive global market. A huge thank you to p80!

     - Curt Anderson, Falconer Electronics

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    Our History

    p80 started in 2002 with a few guys in college trying to gain experience in digital marketing and website development, while ideally making a few extra bucks. Though it wasn’t initially planned to last beyond college, we grew quickly and it became obvious that we had a market and offering that was sustainable beyond graduation. 

    Most of p80’s early years were spent designing and developing websites, and web applications for clients in manufacturing, healthcare, and various B2B industries. With the rise of Google as the clear winner in the search space, we built and hired expertise in search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising to help our clients expand their reach.

    We soon realized that the next major evolution in digital marketing, inbound marketing, would allow us to help our clients turn website visitors into leads and customers. By becoming an inbound marketing agency we were able to turn the internet into a stable, and consistent source of leads and customers for our clients. 

    Today, we help businesses in complex industries like manufacturing and healthcare technology to turn their web presence into a key driver of new business opportunities. We help to drive website traffic and leads, along with aligning sales and marketing teams to close more deals together.

    Our clients’ success has always been our number one priority.


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    Who We Are

    Meet The Team

    p80 is a team of enthusiastic sales and marketing professionals, that has been strategically built to drive results for our clients. From strategists and writers, to designers and SEO pros, we’re creative and data-driven people that have fun seeing our work transform our clients’ businesses. 

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