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Current Views Of AI for Inbound Marketing - Updated 09/27/2023

Going into the last quarter of 2023, our agency has done a ton of training and testing with generative AI. Some takeaways we have:

  1. Long form content generation is still a human's job
    1. Blog posts, premium content, website page copy, etc...
    2. AI just can't go deep enough on topics and provides mostly fluff content
  2. Creating derivative work from long form content created by a human can have some success but really needs edited by a human
  3. It can be helpful for
    1. idea generation
    2. tone checking
    3. rewording something
    4. getting 60% of the way on short form content like emails and social posts
    5. expanding on something already written 

Platforms We Test and Use

  • Jasper
  • ChatGPT 4.0

Testing Continues

We know that AI improves daily and it is our goal to maximize any technology that helps our clients see results. We will continue to test various AI solutions and see what works for our processes, our clients, search engines, and the regulatory bodies.

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