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    protocol 80 to Develop an Asset Management System

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    One of our nicest clients, Belser Hale Excavating has an immediate need for a system to track and manage all of their large equipment and machines. The system we're developing will keep track of the maintenance history for each machine, and provide a to-do list of upcoming services based on service hours or mileage. The system will also track parts used during services and repairs, allowing the staff to quickly find needed parts when a new maintenance is being done.

    As with any system, ease of use is a very high priority! We intend to develop this application using ASP.Net 2.0 (C#) and SQL Server 2005 Express. The reporting mechanism will be all written in .net and allow for various levels of data retrieval.

    The system will have user management as well to secure the app and provide a level of accountability.

    We are very excited about this application, and will provide an update when the system is in use!

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