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What's in store for Online Advertising in 2009?

So we are experiencing tough economic times. Everything must be losing money at this point right? Well according to eMarketer online ad spending will increase in 2009. Why would companies put more money into advertising if shoppers have less money to spend?

Advertisers still have to get their message out in some way and search, which is expected to see the most online growth of 14.9%, is highly measurable. Advertisers want to see exactly what they are getting for their money. This is not surprising to me not only because advertisers want to know their ROI, but also because users are still spending online. According to comScore Cyber Monday sales rose by 15% this year, from $733 million to $846 million. Despite a decrease in spend of each buyer by 5%, the number of buyers rose by 22%.

So even if people are spending less on the Internet, more people are turning to the Internet to make their purchases. This trend will likely continue throughout, and after the economic crunch. People are saving gas and searching for the best deals. This will not only pertain to B2C, but B2B as well. Budgets will likely be cut in 2009 for many companies, so they will also be searching for ways to reduce spend. PPC, display, and video ads seem to be a viable choice for any marketer next year.