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    protocol 80 Office in Bradford, PA

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    It's no secret, we are a small business just like many of you. We are happy to have finally been able to have our own office located in East Bradford, PA! Our building was a church many many years ago and more recently was used by a small business to engineer electrical things for the medical industry. Below is a photo from the Bradford Era of our office from 1949 when it was the 2nd Free Methodist Church.

    Download the Bradford Era Article Here

    Our new address and phone number:

    15 North Kendall Avenue
    Bradford, PA 16701
    Map It

    The renovations and closing took a bit longer than expected, but in the end everything turned out well. We wanted to be able to do some of the renovation work ourselves, but client work is always a priority so unfortunately we did not have the time so we hired most of it out to local contractors in and around Bradford. It probably turned out for the better as we are not the most skilled carpenters. You can see some before, after and during pictures of our renovations in the slideshow below. We also like to have company, so if you'd like to stop by we'd be happy to have you.


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