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How Manufacturers Can Use Content Marketing

PrintOne of the biggest challenges that we hear from manufacturing businesses is their lack of desire or ability to create content. They feel that content isn't worth writing because nobody wants to read it. Well, that is just not true. Yes, not absolutely everyone wants to read about the ins-and-outs of powdered metal or how to use reclaimed material to make a remelt alloy used in stainless steel production...but, someone does. Here is the important factor, that someone that wants to read it is probably someone in your industry. That person might be a purchaser, potential employee, a current customer, or yes, even a competitor. Don't be worried though, we're not telling you to give away proprietary information. The content we are recommending you create will be valuable to the readers, it will make you the go-to information source for the industry, it will help you rank better in search, it will show your potential buyers you know what you are talking about, it will help you leap tall buildings in a single bound, etc. etc. etc. (Disclaimer: we're not promising you'll be able to leap tall buildings)

Here are a few ways that manufacturers can use content marketing in a non-boring way to improve their web presence:

  1. Video - These don't have to be Steven Spielberg productions or anything, but they also shouldn't look like they were shot during an earthquake on a VHS recorder from 1985. Do some unique videos about your company, products, services, or industry that can be used on the web. Host the videos on YouTube, but also embed them into blog posts that have actual text content with your take on the video. A simple video can go a long way and can be used in a variety of ways after it is complete. Remember, try to be somewhat unique and don't give away that super-secret proprietary information.
  2. Checklists - Think about some sort of process that can make your customers lives easier, even if it doesn't directly relate to what you sell. The key here is that this will be a useful checklist that they will actually use. And remember, this is not a checklist that turns into a sales brochure. Blog about it, highlight it on your website, share it on social...make it available! Example checklist Title:

    The Basic Monthly Safety Checklist for Any Manufacturer: 10 Monthly Things to Review that will Reduce Workplace Injuries

  3. A Simple Cartoon - This is not an incredibly easy one, but if you have someone that can sketch up a cartoon and you can add some witty humor to it that others in your industry will find funny, it can be a home run for links and conversation. Don't have anyone that can sketch something up, check out something like Fiverr.com, you might be able to have the drawing done for $5!
  4. More Blog Posts - Many times a prospect or purchaser starts looking online for a solution, it's because they have a problem. Do some blog posts that provide basic answers to their problems even if they are not directly related to your exact product. Your blog post will be full of industry jargon (not confusing jargon) and you'll be providing value to the reader. Here's the key, if your primary target audience purchases only wood products, don't spend all your time answering questions for people that only buy metal products.
  5. Infographics - These can be kind of fun and can provide some great links back to your site, which will help with search engine optimization. There are many resources out there that will help you create infographics or if you have an in-house designer, even better. People like infographics because it provides information that they like to know, but in a visual way instead of reading. Because you are using the infographic for links, try to make this more appealing to a wider audience, not just your buyers.

These are just a few ideas. With a bit of planning, you can have a great list of ideas that will be specific to your industry and business. And don't worry, you don't have to do all of this yourself. Give us a call and we'll chat about how your business can utilize content marketing specifically! 814.596.0020...if you are more comfortable, you are welcome to contact us through our website as well.