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Getting a Positive ROI from AdWords - Lunch and Learn


Today is a good day! Why, you ask? Well today is a protocol 80 Soup Day. Today's lunch and learn topic is "Getting a Positive ROI from AdWords". This form of marketing has the ability to be successful for nearly every business or organization if done right. Whether you want to manage your AdWords campaign yourself or hire an agency we're going to cover 8 simple steps to get you on the right track to getting a positive return on investment from your AdWords efforts.

  1. Define the outcomes that need to happen to actually get a return.
  2. Determine what actions a website visitor must take to make those outcomes happen.
  3. Assign a value to your actions...this must be done if you plan on accurately calculating ROI.
  4. Research to determine what product/service/topic is related to your above actions.
  5. Organize and build your account. This is very important!
  6. Be creative. How to write ad copy and the anatomy of an AdWords ad.
  7. Build effective landing pages.
  8. Monitor and adjust.

At today's lunch and learn we are going to dive into each of these steps and the attendees will leave with a good understanding of what they have to do to their accounts or what to look for if they have an agency managing the account.

If this sounds interesting to you and your business is in need of some AdWords consulting, let us know! We're happy to take this show on the road. Simply input your name and email address below and we'll be in touch to discuss your online marketing needs!

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