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5 Blogging Tips That Should Convince You It's Important

Whether you want to admit it or not, there is definitely value in blogging. Maybe you don't get sales or leads directly from many of your blog posts, but you've got to look beyond that. Blogging is just a piece of the puzzle. A piece that helps you along the way in getting sales and conversions. If you want a bit more motivation to keep up with blogging, understand these additional benefits. Here are some blogging tips to help you out!

1. You are increasing your SEO footprint.

Increase your SEO footprint. Increase your SEO footprint.

If you blog a minimum of 1 time per week you'll have 52 more pages that can be indexed in search engines. Your consuming more real estate there, meaning less for your competition. Additionally the terms you are ranking for should be very related to your products, services, industry, etc. and they might be terms that your corporate website does not currently rank for. You can write blog posts that provide solutions to problems that your potential clients are looking for, bringing one step closer to a conversion. Search engines understand content and the more unique, good, and useful content your domain can have, the better off you will be. If your idea of blogging is copying and pasting from other blogs or news sources, you are not on the right track...you need to switch gears and actually be unique and useful or you are just wasting your time.

2. You are able to keep website visitors around longer.

A website visitor will not stick around to be sold to, but they will stick around if they are finding useful information. Think about your own personal interaction with websites. How much attention will you pay to a page about a company's history if it is the first time you've stumbled on their site. Probably not much, you probably have little interest in them at this point. Now would you stick around on a page you stumbled across that answers a question to a problem your having? Yes. The answer is yes.

3. You are educating potential customers.

Generally speaking when a potential customer is educated about your product or service, they know that they already need it. Are you able to sell something to someone that already knows they need what you sell or someone that is still pushing back? Heck yeah! If a car dealership were able to educate me on the importance of their super-duper car warranty before I came in to buy a new car, I probably would have gone in asking for it vs. them trying to cram it down my throat after I've been there for 6 hours and I'm just ready to go home.

4. You are educating yourself or someone else at your business.

Educate potential customers and yourself. Educate potential customers and yourself.

Unless you are straight up making things up when you blog, you've got to get information from somewhere...even if it is recalling it from your own resource. If it's something you already knew, you are reinforcing your knowledge and sometimes getting a different perspective on things. Blogging forces you to continually be involved with thinking and writing about your market, industry, services, products, etc. and various aspects related to them.

Also think about this. Do you have someone answering the phones at your business? Do they have 1-2 hours throughout a week available? They probably do. Allow them to become more educated by having them learn while they are blogging once or twice per week. For awhile someone may have to review for accuracy, but you now have someone that answers the phone that is much more knowledgeable about your business (which is a good thing) and you are adding more blog posts every week, further improving your content marketing efforts.

5. You are increasing shareability.

Interesting, humourous, educational, fun, or data-filled blog posts will get shared via social media infinitely more than your corporate website pages. Those pages are boring and there is little value for someone to share them. Every blog post you write has the ability to be shared on social by you and others that find it interested. So by blogging, not only are you increasing your SEO footprint, you are also increasing your social footprint.

Be Better...Blog!

Those are just 5 additional reasons you need to blog. It's not just a buzzword. If you don't put effort into blogging it will no undoubtedly fail, but by understanding some of the benefits you may not have thought about maybe you'll just have enough motivation to put more effort into it!

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