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Better Headlines And CTAs Through You and Your

What's in it for me?Quick, you have 5 seconds. Tell me the benefit TO ME of buying your product or service. Go...


How'd you do? My guess is not very good, but that's OK, for now.

Typical responses to this question yield answers that assume I meant to ask, why should I buy your product or service. They are very tactical and self-centered. They repeatedly use the words we, I and our and very rarely use the words, you and your. The big problem here is that your prospects don't care about you. They care about themselves and their problems. They don't want to hear about you. They want to hear about what your proposed solution does to make their life easier, better, more productive and more profitable.

Step back and think of your own buying experience. What crosses your mind when the furniture salesman says they have the best customer service in the area? What crosses your mind when you see a billboard about how great a company is and the award they just won? Be honest. Do you want to rush out and buy from them? Nope! You don't care. You just don't.

You will created much better headlines and CTAs by using you and your instead of I, we, our.


What if that furniture salesman instead said, did you know that on average people like you and I spend 5% of our time on our couches? That means we spend over 18 days a year in these things! The health of your back can be really impacted by the type and quality of couch you own. You want to be sure to pick something that will ensure you aren't hurting yourself when you think you're relaxing!

What if the award-winning company used their billboard to highlight a benefit TO YOU instead of focusing on how great they are?

Both of these alternate approaches will have much more impact, and make better headlines and CTAs for the people you want to reach than a self-centered approach focused on highlighting how great you are. Again, no one cares. All they care about is how your product or service is a solution for them. The rest is fluff. Is there a time and a place for this fluff? Absolutely! When you are trying to generate leads for your salespeople, the fluff can't be the core message. The core message has to be the value to the lead.

With that in mind, take another stab at telling me the benefit or value TO ME of buying your product or service. I don't care about the fluff.