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Your Buyer Is Smarter Than They Used To Be

While I'm sure your buyers are not experts on what you sell, they are without a doubt, smarter than they used to be, say 3-5 years ago. We live in an era where just about anything you want to learn about can be found online. Buyers don't blindly call sales reps based on referrals anymore. They still call the rep, but only after they've researched the company, their solution and the specific rep. Even if you rely solely on referrals for new business you still have to have an effective web strategy, because they want to know you before you know them.

The following slideshare presentation by David Meerman Scott, entitled The New Rules Of Selling really hits the nail on the head with how consumers of B2B and B2C solutions have changed over the last handful of years and how had better change if you want to stay relevant. I highly recommend buying Meerman Scott's book that this sideshare is based on as well. Enjoy!