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Google Partners Connect Event Overview

We are happy to be hosting another Google Partners Connect event at our office on October 15th, 2014! A Google Partners Connect event is an opportunity for business owners to hear how they can grow their businesses online directly from Google! They stream the event live from the Googleplex in California (maybe someday they'll ship us all out there). We've hosted couple of these events in the past and attendees have always left happy, educated, and motivated. This is not a public event, it will be streamed only by Google Partners, so be sure to RSVP with us or your local Google Partner soon.

Event Topics and Speakers

Build your business with Google

event_allan Allan Thygesen

VP, Global Small Business Sales
Allan will share unique insights, inspirational stories, and actionable ideas to help small businesses thrive in a hyper-connected marketplace.

Advertise your business online

event_fred Fred Vallaeys

AdWords Evangelist
Fred will speak with small businesses about how to navigate the web and expand their online presence through smarter insights.

Event Details

Date: October 15, 2014
Time: 2pm - 3pm
Location: 15 North Kendall Ave. Bradford, PA 16701
What You'll Get: Refreshments, giveaways, education, a $200 AdWords gift card if you spend $200 worth of AdWords ad spend (new clients)
RSVP: 814.596.0020 or click to RSVP online

What is a Google Partner?

A Google Partner is an agency or marketing consultant that is trusted by Google. They maintain certain standards that Google consistently monitors. If the agency drops below the expected standards, they will lose their Google Partner status. The agencies participate are consistently educated and must pass exams on a regular basis. Additionally these companies understand and practice Google's recommended best practices for AdWords. To sum it up, these are agencies that you can trust and count on to manage your AdWords account successfully!