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Not Using Twitter For Business Yet? Google May Change Your Mind.

Google and Twitter deal

Have you checked out Twitter lately? It's become quite a popular place... In the world of breaking news, it's hard to beat Twitter. In the world of information overload, 140 characters can be quite refreshing! So why haven't you signed up? Maybe you love Facebook so much that you can't imagine any other social network stealing away time you dedicate to it. Maybe you just don't want another learning curve right now. Either way, for the sake of your business, you need to change your ways.

Twitter & Google Reach A Deal

Tweets have shown up in search results for quite some time. Before Google announced it's own social network, Google+, there was even a nifty real-time feed of tweets in the search results. When an agreement between the 2 companies lapsed in 2011, Google was no longer able to show REAL TIME tweets in search engine results pages. There were still tweets there, just not in real time.

According to Bloomberg, Google and Twitter have or are close to inking a new deal, bring real time access to Twitter's 284 million users' tweets, yielding more timely tweets in your search results and more exposure to Twitter for non-twitter users. This is seen as an obvious win-win.

Using Twitter For Business Just Got More Important

You know that ongoing effort you have to continue to rank well in search engines? Well, Twitter is playing a bigger role in it now. You need to climb aboard and start using Twitter for business. By engaging in your personal interests on Twitter you will have a better understanding of how to use the platform and be more likely to stay after it on a professional level.

If you are nervous about getting started or would just like to be sure you "do it right", check out this post from a few months back on using Twitter for business.