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B2B Email Marketing - VIDEO

We all know a great B2C email when we see/open it. Amazon.com is one of the best I have ever seen at using personalization and really getting my attention.

However, most B2B companies don't have the same direct sales opportunities that Amazon and B2C companies do. Like B2C marketers, B2B companies can personalize and really know their email marketing recipients through buyer persona development.

Some B2B Email Marketing Tips:

- B2B Email marketing is not the same as direct mail advertising. DO NOT TAKE YOUR POSTCARD AND MAKE IT AN EMAIL - it won't work well.

- Don't try to accomplish too much with each email. Have a focus and clear action for the recipient.

- Landing pages should continue the conversation and feel like a natural progression from the email. Don't direct traffic to your home page. Be more specific as to what you want them to do next.

- Use the data at your disposal. I've said repeatedly that data is one of the biggest advantages of inbound marketing. You should be regularly using the data from your email campaigns to improve each new email and campaign.

The bottom line is that a B2B email marketing can be just as effective as B2C email marketing if done correctly.

Happy Inbound Marketing!!

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