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#1 Buyer Persona Mistake

Developing your Buyer Persona(s) may seem like a step you can simply glide through, but doing so will hurt your inbound marketing and content marketing efforts dramatically.

The biggest buyer persona mistake you can make is relying solely on quantitative information to create your persona(s). While that practice can be tightly coupled to the "target market" ideology of old, it doesn't serve very well today.

You have to get to the core of your best buyers. Not what age range and education level they have. What makes them tick as people AND as buyers?

Don't make the quantitative mistake! You should be asking 'Why?' more than 'How much?'.

Buyer Personas & Content Marketing

Your buyer persona(s) should be the root of all of your marketing efforts, especially your Content Marketing. Having a firm grasp on your persona(s) will make creating content that produces bottom line results so much faster.

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