The Business Value Of Blogging

Donny Kemick

An Inbound Marketing strategy requires regular content creation through blogging and other channels. The questions we hear all the time include:

  • Why should I invest time, money or staff resources in blogging?
  • Where's the value in it?
  • Who cares what we write about?
  • Shouldn't I invest in hungry sales reps that beat down doors instead?
  • Can't I just spend money to drive traffic with paid ads?
  • Can't I just buy an email list and get in front of prospects?

The video above touches on these questions an more around the business value of blogging. Some quick takeaways:

  • Blog posts are true, Inbound-focused tactics geared around how we want to be marketed to.
  • Blog posts are owned, not rented. Once you write it on your blog, you don't have to pay to get ongoing benefit from it like you would a billboard or print ad.
  • Blog posts are a long lasting form of marketing that improves over time, without continual investment.




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