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6 Social Media Tips to Promote Manufacturing Trade Shows

  1. Create Pre-Show Buzz with Hashtagssocial-3408791_1280
  2. Post Behind-The-Scenes Teaser Videos
  3. Add & Promote a New Landing Page
  4. Live Stream During the Event
  5. Record Customer Testimonials
  6. Connect & Follow-Up

Integrating social media marketing into your trade show presence is incredibly important to promote your manufacturing business. If you want to know a little bit more about each of these tips, keep reading below.

  1. Create Pre-Show Buzz with Hashtags

Most trade shows have hashtags already created on social media to promote the upcoming event. You can easily connect with others who are using the hashtag on Twitter or use it for yourself so that your digital audience knows you're attending the show.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can also create a hashtag combining your company name and the name of the trade show. This will make your hashtags stand out a little bit more and instead of being a part of the conversation -- you’ll be creating it!


  2. Post Behind-The-Scenes Teaser Videos

How are you preparing for your upcoming trade show? Are you rolling out a new product or service? Or maybe you have an exciting announcement. Either way, give your digital audience a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to prep for a trade show! 

By posting teaser videos on your social media platforms you’re giving a sneak peek of what’s to come at the trade show. Once they see an inside look, they’ll definitely want to check out your booth in-person at the upcoming event.


  3. Add & Promote a New Landing Page

By creating a landing page on your website dedicated solely to the trade show, you’re going one step further with your marketing efforts. The landing page should be created with event attendees in mind. The landing page should be optimized to have all of the essential information they need to know about your company or product. Adding a form on your landing page allowing users to sign-up for the trade show will also allow you to measure your direct impact on the event.

Once you create the landing page -- promote it! Sharing it on all social media platforms and linking back to it in every post will only continue to drive more traffic to your booth at the show and your site as a whole.


  4. Live Stream During the Event

Just like the teaser videos -- live streaming on social media will allow your followers to get a sneak peak of the event! Live streaming is a social media marketing tactic that is quickly growing and allows you to reach 100’s of prospects all at once. All you need is your smartphone!

You can also show followers what the trade show is like and encourage them to come to your booth or join for the next one.


  5. Record Customer Testimonials

During the trade show, have customers come by your booth to give a quick endorsement or quote about the company from their perspective. Post this quote or video to your social media sites during the trade show and this will allow customers to learn more about your company from a different point-of-view! Remember to use the trade show hashtag to gain more exposure!


  6. Connect & Follow-up

Interacting on social media should be second nature by now, but it’s especially important before and after a manufacturing trade show. Before the show, take the time to interact with prospects who may be attending and tell them to stop by your booth.

After the show, follow-up with anyone you met in-person. It’s important to collect business cards so that you can reconnect online via LinkedIn or Twitter. By following and reaching out to people, you are creating a valuable relationship that could be used for future endeavors!

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