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February 06

5 Trade Show Follow-Up Email Templates to Nurture Your Leads

You attend trade shows to obtain valuable leads for your company. But do you have a plan in place for what to do once you’re back in the office from the trade show so you can move those leads closer to a purchase?

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February 01

6 Pre-Trade Show Email Templates You Should Be Sending

In-person trade shows are slowly, but surely returning! With all the uncertainty of the past couple of years, this news provides numerous exciting opportunities. Trade shows can give a huge boost to your business and marketing campaign IF you approach them correctly.

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January 23

VIDEO: 3 Digital B2B Marketing Automation Tools for Saving Time, Money

Change happens daily for marketing and sales teams, and it can be difficult to keep track of every single contact and their information. And once you combine the number of contacts you have with the different stages of the sales cycle, you can quickly become overwhelmed. This is where B2B marketing automation tools come in.

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September 22

Switching Marketing Agencies: 8 Red Flags to Look Out For

Partnering with an agency to accomplish your marketing goals can be an amazing, successful investment in business growth for your company. However, not every partnership is a match made in heaven. We’ve found when talking to clients, prospects, and others in the digital marketing realm one theme comes up a lot when discussing agency underperformance: “I just thought this was normal.” It can be hard to decipher what’s the industry standard when it comes to agencies, and if you’re getting the most out of your investment. This guide aims to help you assess if the friction points you’re experiencing are expected or if it might be time to seriously consider an agency switch.

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August 17

protocol 80's Annual Company Picnic 2022

The view to the water from our pavilion at Willow Bay.

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July 26

Perspective: Inbound Strategy for B2B Companies

Oftentimes when I’m asked about inbound strategy, it’s tempting to give a wishy-washy answer like, “It depends on the situation” “It depends on the company” “It depends on the goal.” This kind of deflection helps no one improve, create, and measure their strategies.

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December 30

How iOS15 (+ other algorithm changes) Creates Better Inbound Marketers

It’s every marketer’s nightmare: an algorithm or software change that upheaves what we thought we knew about a system, how it works, and how we strategize our marketing efforts to use it. If iOS15 and the changes Apple brought upon us in late 2021 triggered these marketing night terrors for you, you’ve come to the right place. Every marketer I know loves a good puzzle to solve and a challenge to overcome. This latest development in privacy rules is no different. Now that we’re a little bit distanced from the release, it’s time to analyze the changes, impact, and opportunity this presents. After all, Steve Jobs once said. “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.”

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September 22

FABTECH 2021 Conference: Recap & Takeaways

Throughout the past year and a half, the marketing world (like many other industries) has been turned upside down by a plethora of COVID-related restrictions -- less in-person networking and more virtual trade shows and connections. However, with those same restrictions loosening, FABTECH 2021 marked the return of in-person trade shows.

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September 10

FABTECH 2021 Session Preview: Sales & Marketing Plans for Manufacturers

North America's largest metal fabricating and finishing event is back in-person! While the incoming new technology and networking is exciting, the biggest goal for manufacturers in 2022 will be recalibrating their marketing and sales practices post-COVID*.

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May 21

6 HubSpot CRM Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

The HubSpot CRM can be most likened to an onion; tons of layers to peel back and discover, and almost endless uses in recipes (in this analogy, recipes = marketing / sales strategies).

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