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5 Quick-Win B2B Medical Marketing Lead Generation Tactics

b2b Medical Marketing- Quick-Win B2B Lead Generation Tactics


As more prospects have become dependent on the internet to educate themselves and vet potential vendors, online marketing seems like the obvious choice to get your business in front of them. But where does a B2B company start? 

Social media? Blog posts? Case studies? For B2B medical marketing, the answer is not the same for every company, but there are five simple tactics you can focus on to improve lead generation.

Tactics That Work for B2B Medical Marketing 

There are several tactics you can employ for B2B medical marketing -- even if you sell a “boring” product

Some tactics may seem intimidating at first, but they’ll all start to make sense and tie into each other as you learn more about them. 

To learn more about each issue in-depth, check our list below.

1. What Kind Of Content Are You Showing Leads? 

Content is key. Content marketing is a proven B2B website marketing method that helps build authority and attract prospects. If you’ve ever visited a website with educational information or visuals that was not a direct sales pitch, you have viewed content marketing. 

There’s a vast array of content to choose from, but here are some examples to start with:


Web users expect visuals. Research by Wyzowl found that 85% of businesses are using video in their marketing strategy. Visitors are watching more videos in 2020 than ever before. Videos are a great way to hold a visitor’s attention for more than just a couple of seconds.

The medium can convey product details and how-tos in a way text simply cannot. Video marketing is helpful if your business wants to explain or show something complicated to your visitors. 

The ability to break down complex information is especially important in lead generation for SaaS companies. 


For B2B medical businesses, information still might be hard to digest for your lead. Develop eBooks that can aid your prospects in understanding complex information in a fun, visual way. 

Plus, eBooks can be downloaded -- giving you an opportunity to collect a lead’s contact information in exchange for the download link This “transaction” (we don’t recommend actually charging for eBooks) also lets a lead spend more time learning about your company even when not on your website.


Blogs provide value, credibility, and SEO authority for your business. 

During the awareness stage, leads are learning how to solve their problem -- or maybe even learning they have a problem in the first place. Be the business that helps them. 

By helping prospects, you stand out from your sales pitch competitors and are seen as a problem-solver who knows what they’re doing.

2. Have You Implemented Marketing Automation? 

Marketing automation may seem inhuman or ineffective when you are trying to seem human and helpful. However, the automation of marketing not only reduces the time it takes to develop content, but can be also used to target leads and analyze performance. 

Apply automation to a whole host of marketing efforts, such as:

Email Marketing

Segmentation is crucial when you send an email. You wouldn’t always send the same email to a longtime customer as a brand-new lead. Right? 

Targeted emails help reach your audience at the right time, allowing you to deepen your relationship with a lead.


Chatbots are those conversational bubbles that pop up as you navigate a web page. They’re usually on the bottom-right or bottom-left corner of the screen. 

In the healthcare industry, chatbots can aggregate the questions visitors ask and provide basic information to them. 

The data helps you gauge what leads are thinking about and relieve your customer service of answering simple inquiries

3. Are You Using Calls-to-Action on High-Traffic Pages? 

A call to action, or CTA, is a lead-generation tactic that prompts a prospect to take the next step.

Instead of allowing a lead to leave your site, have them engage with you or your content further. Better yet, offer them something of value. That way they will want to hear from you again -- or at least will have a favorable opinion of you when they come across your brand again.

Whether it’s signing up for an email or a free consultation, any CTA you offer should provide further value for your lead. 

4. Is Your Website Using SEO Best Practices to Rank in Google?

When you want to know something, where do you go? Most likely, Google.

SEO strategies have one basic end goal: help your pages rank higher when keywords are entered into Google. Let’s be honest -- people rarely move onto the second or third page of a Google search. 

Make sure your content ranks high on the first page of Google. The higher you rank, the more opportunities you will have to convert visitors to leads. 

5. Do You Have Any Testimonials, Awards, or Partnerships? 

Testimonials, awards, and partnerships are used to develop one thing: brand authority.

Leads want to view your proven success from other reliable sources.


Testimonials demonstrate the value you have brought to previous or present customers. Use case studies or quotes on your website to highlight your past work.


Have you received an award that showcases your strength in a particular area? If you have, make sure you display it on your online platforms. 

This will give your leads another reason to view your medical company as a leader in your industry. After all, you earned it.


Although your visitors may not have heard of you, they may know the company you’ve partnered with. Partnering with another company is another way to build authority. 

If a lead trusts your partner, they’re more likely to trust you. 

Your partnership can potentially attract other leads that you’ve been waiting to interact with -- or leads you never even knew existed.

Putting Everything Into Practice 

Your leads are spending more time online, and word-of-mouth business won’t cut it anymore. Use that to your advantage: 

  1. Create helpful content 
  2. Use automated marketing 
  3. Place CTAs on high-traffic website pages 
  4. Follow modern SEO strategies to rank higher on Google 
  5. Highlight testimonials, awards, or partnerships 

These tactics will help you grow and maintain your lead generation for years to come. 

Click here to download Lead Generation Strategies for Healthcare Technology Marketing.