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How to Record, Edit, & Share Videos with Vidyard

Did you know almost 80% of all internet traffic is video streaming? In 2020, your potential customers prefer watching video content over reading your sales emails or your web page.

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Fortunately, creating videos is easy now, especially when you have the right tools and you know how to use them. You can simulate face-to-face contact with your prospects by recording short, simple, personalized videos for each of your leads.

GoVideo by Vidyard

We use an app called GoVideo by Vidyard. It’s a free Google Chrome extension that records your webcam and your computer screen.

Benefits of Sales and Marketing Video

With GoVideo, your sales reps can create 1-to-1 videos that will:

  • Build trust with your prospects. Sales videos convey your humanity. You will stand out from the hundreds of automated marketing emails your prospects are bombarded with daily. You’ll become a familiar face and not just a stranger’s name in their inbox.
  • Encourage positive responses. In 2018, the Salesloft reported that 1-to-1 videos improve email response rates by 26% on average. Your prospects will appreciate the effort you took creating a video just for them. They’ll often reward you for it.
  • Efficiently move your leads through the sales funnel. Video presents the information your prospects need in the most engaging way. Ebooks and white papers have their place, but they aren’t binge-worthy content.
    With video, you can craft an educational experience your leads want to watch. In the end, knowledgeable customers speed up your sales cycle co can close more deals.

For your 1-to-1 sales videos, you don’t need expensive cameras, lights, or Hollywood sets. All you have to do is face your computer’s webcam, press record, and send your lead a link when you're finished.

So where do you start?

It’s so easy, your competitor can most likely do it, too. So stay ahead of the game by downloading our guide. We gathered insights from everyone on our team: sales, content, and video production, to create a well-rounded guide you could use in any role. Get started on your sales and marketing videos today!