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Blog Topics in 30 Seconds: Generate Blogging Ideas in a Snap


So you're having trouble thinking of stuff to write about. I know exactly how you feel.

I also have just the thing to help.

Ready? It's called a blog topic generator

Yes, I just solved your problem in three words. You're welcome.

Blog Topic Generators Make Blogging Ideas Quick & Easy

Even professional marketers and content writers love a good blog topic generator. They're great for breaking writer's block, or revamping old topics. 

There are a few different generator styles available. Some provide general titles, others allow you to input words and phrases for more personalized options.

What Words Should I Use?

For best results, you want to choose keywords that appeal to your buyer personas. Pain points, goals, needs, interests - all are great for getting the right kind of traffic.

Here's an example. You're a company that produces organic dog food. And you have to blog about it.

Let's start with the obvious. "Organic dog food" is, itself, a keyword. Putting it into a topic generator spits out these ideas:

  • Five Things You Didn't Know About Organic Dog Food.
  • What Will Organic Dog Food Be Like In The Next 50 Years?
  • 7 Secrets That Experts Of Organic Dog Food Don't Want You To Know.
  • The Modern Rules Of Organic Dog Food.
  • Here's What No One Tells You About Organic Dog Food.

Pretty simple. Now you have inspiration for some organic dog food blog posts.

Already tried the obvious keywords? Think about what leads a person to search for your product. In the case of organic dog food, it might be "dog is getting sick" or "dog food ingredients." In that case, here are some new ideas:

  • 14 Misconceptions About Dog Food Ingredients
  • 5 Rules for When Your Dog Is Getting Sick
  • Here's What Industry Insiders Say About Dog Food Ingredients

A warning: these generators can't read your mind. They don't understand your intent. You'll run into some very silly word combinations and odd titles, so you'll have to fenagle them a bit to sound natural. Generators are simple algorithms - they're not perfect, but they'll get the job done. 

Without further ado, here are some of our favorites.


Best Blog Topic Generators

1.  SEOPressor


SEOPressor's Blog Title Generator is quite simple. Input a word or phrase, identify its category, and get some titles. If you don't like what you see, you can refresh your results. 

2.  BuildYourOwnBlog


Build Your Own Blog's ideas generator is more general. There's no keyword input; just click "Generate Blog Post Idea" and it'll spit out a topic. 

3.  HubSpot


HubSpot's topic generator lets you input multiple keywords, in case you want to try a few things at once. To clarify: each noun will have its own title idea. They won't be mixed into one topic.

4.  Portent


Portent's idea generator is simple and satisfying to use. It'll only spit out one idea at once, but the tool is so fun it doesn't matter. They even include blog title best practices as an extra!

5.  BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo takes a completely different approach to idea generation. Rather than creating titles based on the words you enter, it will show you the current most popular posts based on your keyword. You can see what competitors are doing and find out what phrases perform best in search.

Quick. Easy. Done.

Auto-generated blog ideas are great for new bloggers and experts alike. Remember:

  1. Start with keywords your audience will love.
  2. Don't be afraid to tinker with the generated topics.
  3. Think outside the box!

Want to know more about blog writing best practices? You might like this article on SEO Copywriting Secrets From Professional Writers.

Keep calm & blog on!

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