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Engaging Leads Through Marketing Automation in Healthcare Technology

Blog header copy for p80h (5)Marketing automation has become a favorite tool among marketers. Almost 50% of all companies use marketing automation as part of their digital marketing strategy to nurture leads.

Adding automation to your marketing strategy allows for continuous prospect engagement, while taking some of the pressure off you to guide prospects along their buyer’s journey and down the sales funnel. 

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is the use of software to automate repetitive tasks. Automation can be triggered when a user takes an action on your site such as filling out a form or visiting a certain page. 

It’s most commonly used with email through workflows, or a series of scheduled emails. You’ve probably received a string of emails from a company after making a purchase or downloading a resource. Each email you’ve received is meant to nurture your relationship with a company, guiding you toward making another purchase or inspire brand loyalty. 

Automation is also frequently used by marketers to schedule social media posts weeks in advance of publication.  

The Benefits of Marketing Automation

Perhaps the biggest benefit of marketing automation for healthcare tech marketers is that it takes pressure off you. Your time is not spent constantly sending the right emails to the right prospects or posting on social media. The software does some of the heavy lifting in engaging potential customers. 

Marketing automation also allows for:

  • Consistent messaging
  • Relationship building 
  • Improved campaign monitoring
  • Prioritizing and qualifying leads

Integrating Marketing Automation into Your Healthcare Tech Marketing Strategy

Marketing automation serves several purposes for healthcare tech marketers:

Engaging New Leads

Imagine if 100 prospects wanted the same resource from your website within the same hour. How could you possibly keep up with sending it to them? And what about any follow-up emails with additional resources and information?

With marketing automation, you won’t have to worry about constantly monitoring website activity or sending new emails to each and every prospect who’s engaged with your content. When a prospect makes a triggering action, the software takes care of the rest.

RESOURCE: Here's 6 lead nurturing email templates we've created that you're welcome to borrow! 

Filtering Out Cold Leads

Marketing automation software tracks a lead’s engagement with emails -- including when they’ve stopped opening your email or clicking through to resources you’ve provided. 

Keeping an eye on leads who’ve not interacted with your material helps you devote time and resources to more promising prospects. 

Lead Nurturing

Just as with filtering out cold leads, marketing automation helps you zero-in on promising leads. 

With automation you can send engaged leads personalized content that informs them or directs them to your website, gently guiding them along their buyer’s journey. Automated emails can pay big dividends for your marketing strategy --  60% of buyers say marketing emails guided them to make a purchase.

Pro Tip: No one likes to be Spammed. Be careful that your email workflows have an appropriate send cadence. Inundating a prospect’s inbox with emails can drive them away quickly. 

Re-engaging Past Customers

There’s nothing better than a repeat customer. Automation can ensure past customers don’t forget about your company. Almost half of all customers read re-engagement emails. 

Regularly sending past customers the latest information or even occasionally just checking in keeps your company on their radar. 

Staying Relevant on Social Media

Ever visited a company’s Facebook page only to find the last post was from several months -- or worse, several years -- ago? What impression did that leave you with?

With automation software, such as what’s provided on HubSpot or Hootsuite, posts can be scheduled in bulk across several channels months ahead of time. What’s more, marketing automation software tracks post engagement, helping you to duplicate past success or further engage with prospects in the social media sphere. 

Investing in Marketing Automation

Adding automation to your marketing strategy can position your company for bigger success. Not only does it save you time, but it also helps you attract new leads, engage past customers, and maintain a current presence on social media. 

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