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How To Build A B2B Brand Awareness Strategy - Step 3


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This is part three of my series on how to build a B2B brand awareness strategy. If you haven't read the first two posts in the series that cover getting clear on why you want to increase brand awareness and who should be more aware, I recommend checking them out before continuing on with this step. 

conscious-sub.jpgYour Prospect's 'Why'

Your prospects couldn't care less about the fact that you want to build better brand awareness with them. They only care about what's in it for them. In fact, the mere act of becoming aware of a brand tends to be a subconscious thing. How do you go about sticking in their subconscious? Let's take a look.

What problem(s) do you solve for your customers?

On the surface, this is an easy question. If you run a manufacturing company, you might say that you provide them parts that they need. I'd imagine there are several other companies that provide them things they need.

What's the real value you provide, that prospects want? Is it speed with shortened lead times? Is a one-stop shop of capabilities? Is it higher quality? Is it lowest pricing? With these examples, the prospect's problem is likely too slow of turnaround, too many steps in their process, low quality parts, or too high of prices. 

Then, look at the problem the end product or service solves. If you sell human resources consulting services, your services may solve the problem of low morale in someone's workforce. It may solve cultural problems at a company.

The bottom line is that you have to identify why your prospects should be aware of you in THEIR terms, not yours. Defining your buyer persona(s) and buyer journey will help do this.

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Understanding Their 'Why', Clarifies How

If you understand why a prospect would want to be more aware of your B2B brand, you can get to work building how you will build awareness with them.

Today's buyer researches their problems or opportunities online first. That's where you have the most potential for building your B2B brand awareness

Take your list of 'whys' from the previous section, and start brainstorming titles for helpful, 400-800 word articles that talk about the problems your prospects have (remember, in their terms), and publish them to your blog once or twice a week. 

I recommend getting your leadership team in a room for an hour or two and making a long list of titles. Distribute writing responsibilities across the group. Your leaders can either write the articles or delegate it.

By regularly publishing helpful articles, you will gain visibility in Google when your prospect searches for their problem or opportunity, thus increasing B2B brand awareness!

You should also share the articles in social media channels like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Over time your website will rank well in Google for keywords that your prospects are searching for. When they land on your site and learn answers to their questions, they will slowly start that process of subconsciously connecting with your brand, thus building brand awareness.

This Step Is The Hardest

Making the right decisions on content that will resonate with your prospects is easily the hardest step of building a B2B brand awareness strategy. This is especially true if you don't have in-house marketing people or writers.

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