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How to Re-Engage Trade Show Leads After the Show

Lead generation is an essential element to every trade show. If you’re spending the time and resources to attend the trade show, you’re going to want to re-engage with potential leads after.iStock-688904252

First things first — segment your leads appropriately before following up. Not all trade show leads should be treated the same. Once you have a list of all of your potential leads from the show, you can segment them and determine how to get in contact with each lead.

Once you’re back in the office, take the time to reach out to all the trade show leads you made connections with. The frequency is completely up to you, but remember — don’t be too pushy. Reach out the first week after the trade show, and then continue to keep in contact as much as you see fit.

How to Follow Up Immediately After the Show

The first connection you make immediately following the trade show is the most important. The longer you wait to reach out after the show, the more momentum (and motivation) you lose.

Sending an email with a specific call to action is a great way to reach out initially. Thank them for stopping by your booth and remind them of who you are and why they checked out your business in the first place! If you remember something personal you spoke about, reference it to make the email more personal.

Reaching out via LinkedIn and sending a connection invite immediately after the show is another way to softly show them that you’re interested in pursuing a relationship, without contacting them directly. Remember to customize your LinkedIn message using the same approach outlined above.

It’s incredibly important to reach out right after the trade show is over, but remember — you don’t want to overwhelm your potential leads. Start out with an email about once a week, and see how they respond.

1 Month Follow Up

If a month has passed and your leads still haven’t responded to your emails, LinkedIn connections, or phone calls, it may be time to try a different approach.

Try sending a soft break-up email. A break-up email is one of the most effective approaches if you’re looking to get a response. It shows the potential lead the value they will be missing from not responding to you. And with a soft-style approach, you may very well get a response that will show their spark in interest.

Even if they haven’t been responding to your emails, it may be likely that they still engaged with it. Make sure you’re tracking your lead’s engagement with the emails you’re sending.

If you sent an email with a CTA and the lead clicked on it, this is a great opportunity to pick up the phone and call them! You can then ask what they thought of the resource and if they have any questions. This will give you a direct form of contact with the potential lead, and they will be aware that you care about their needs.

3-6 Month Follow Up

Even if your potential leads from trade shows haven’t turned into sales opportunities at this point, it’s still important to keep in touch. Remind them with an email every month or so that your company is there and that you are willing to help.

The 3-6 month follow up is the time where you can experiment a little with what you’re sending your leads to see if they will re-engage with it. If you’re connected on LinkedIn, send them a message to check in or comment on their most recent post.

You can also send emails with useful content or resources. This will keep them aware and your company will stay in the back of their mind.

If they’re still not responding, you may feel pressured to just give up, but rest assured, it is necessary to stay in contact. Even if it’s less frequent, make sure each connection is meaningful — and that they can take something away from it. This above all, will allow your business to stand out.


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