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How To Write an Optimized YouTube Video Description

You’ve finished a beautiful new video and you’re ready to share it with the masses on YouTube.
If you’re like me, this is when your workflow is derailed by a daunting blank “description” box.

So I’m getting you back on track with some tips and best practices for getting the most from your video’s description.

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Your description will be at least 150 words.

It will be a conversational overview of your video. Tell the viewer what they’ll learn and something compelling that sets your video apart.

This tells YouTube more about your video and the more it knows, the more likely it is to rank your video higher in search results.

Each of your videos’ descriptions must be original and unique to get the best results.

The First 2-3 Sentences

Your description’s first 2 or 3 sentences are the most important for two reasons:

  • They appear with your video in search results and suggested videos
  • They appear directly below your video while it plays
Choose two keywords that describe your video and work them in here.

They should come from the title.

For ideas, browse the description of a popular video for your topic.

Sharing a few keywords with related popular videos will help yours appear in suggested video lists.

Use the “show more” section to add info about your channel and a link to your company’s website and social media pages. The “default description” is great for this. 

Repeat the target keyword 2-3 times

This will once again reinforce what the video is for YouTube. Don’t over do it! Keyword stuffing will cause issues for your channel.

Create Functional Descriptions

Include labeled timestamps for long-form videos so viewers can jump to the info they need.

If you’re creating a video series, link to its playlist.


Include a hashtag in your description if your video relates to a trending topic or upcoming event, like a trade show you’re attending.

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