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HubSpot CRM Training: Topics to Cover Before You Start!

Company-Record-in-HubSpot-CRMI'm going to preface this post with the understanding that you are already planning a full training on your HubSpot CRM. If not, you should be (without training usage will be inconsistent and cause headaches for everyone). These topics are to preface your training and get everyone on the same page about the who, what, where, when, why, and how.


Make sure your team knows the key players as it relates to the CRM. This is a pretty easy thing to cover that will relieve a lot of frustration down the road.

Who at the company will be using it? Who do they turn to with questions or issues? Who is leading the on-boarding efforts?


You can get into details as to the "what" in the official training, but at least give them some overview on what the "what" is as it relates to the CRM. Are they storing prospect data? Customer data? Sales pipeline information? What exactly is the purpose for the CRM?


A bit of information on logistics will make everyone more comfortable. Again, no need for in-depth itineraries, just answer the important questions.

Is training in-house or off site? Will it be used on desktop and mobile? Should they download an app?


This one is a biggie. People are going to want to know when they are going to be expected to use the shiny new software. Give them at least some estimated time frames about training, testing, and full adoption.


Usage of a new CRM is a change and many people think that change sucks. Sometimes it does, but if they know WHY you're changing it's a bit easier to swallow. You're planning a major change that effects their day-to-day operations and by knowing why, they should be rowing the boat with you instead of against you (hopefully).


There's a lot to the how, but here are some of the items you should explain:

  • How do you expect to roll-out the usage of the CRM?
  • How is it going to impact their standard operating procedures?
  • How are they going to be trained on usage?

Communication is Key

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Remember, a CRM change is a big one and let's face it, change is hard. Communication and transparency will help keep your objectives clear and hopefully everyone on the team working towards accomplishing those objectives. Now on to the training!