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Intro to HubSpot’s Digital Marketing Reporting Tools

Analysis is the most overlooked part of sales and marketing strategies. Knowing what’s working -- and perhaps more importantly, why -- ensures you’re not throwing your money away on crappy campaigns. And what’s a better source of smug satisfaction than a chart showing how great your campaign is performing?

HubSpot is (to us, at least) the king of digital marketing reporting tools. In an instant, you can get clear answers as to which blog got the most views last April or how busy your sales team stayed in Q1 of 2019.

Below you can say “hello” to the three main types of dashboards in HubSpot, as well as the separate Reports Add-On. We’ll also outline limits with each level of HubSpot membership and how much it costs.

Digital Marketing Reporting Tools: Data in Seconds

Dashboards are the New York Stock Exchange of reporting. A dashboard is a collection of reports laid out with charts, numbers, and so on.

HubSpot has three main types of reporting dashboards:

  • Marketing dashboard
  • Sales dashboard
  • Web analytics dashboard

HubSpot accounts can come preloaded with dozens of the most popular reporting templates to get even your most ancient salesman comfortable. This PDF shows you exactly how to set them up.

At the top of any dashboard, you can:

  • Customize who can access it
  • Change the date range of your metrics
  • Drag and drop or resize specific reports based on team priorities

Dashboards can have up to 10 reports on them. You can automate daily, weekly, or monthly reporting by scheduling regular emails to your team.

Types of Dashboards

Your HubSpot account comes with a Marketing Dashboard, a Sales Dashboard, and a Website Analytics Dashboard. Here’s a high-level view of each for newcomers:

HubSpot Marketing Dashboard

The marketing reports are specific to:

  • Website traffic
  • Conversions
  • Customers

(p80 tip: Find pages with high traffic and low conversion rates to ID where you’re missing opportunities.)

You can further dive into the performance of a specific medium of marketing:

  • Landing pages -- what’s the view-to-submission rate?
  • Blogging -- which blog posts are generating the most traffic?
  • Emails -- are prospects clicking on your links after opening the email?
  • Much more

HubSpot Sales Dashboard

HubSpot sales reporting consolidates all your reps’ efforts into a single spot. You get full visibility into your sales process, allowing you to optimize your team's routine and customer communication.

HubSpot CRM includes a set of five out-of-the-box sales reports for free. They’re designed to give you an overview of your sales process. These include:

  • Deal forecast -- the amount of forecasted revenue for deals in your pipeline
  • Sales performance -- contacts created, assigned, and worked; plus new deals created and won.
  • Productivity -- the total # of logged calls, emails, notes, tasks, meetings, etc.
  • Deals closed vs. goal -- revenue from closed deals compared to your team’s quota
  • Team activity -- the 20 most recent sales activities for your team users

HubSpot’s Sales Professional membership tier unlocks access to the custom report builder, allowing you to add or subtract to this (see more below).

Remember, all metrics on the Sales Dashboard are filterable by both time period and by salesperson.

HubSpot Web Analytics Dashboard

Your company’s website is the central hub for your online marketing efforts. The more information you have about how users interact with your site -- good and bad -- the more effectively you can adjust strategy.

The Web Analytics Dashboard draws several of your website’s metrics into HubSpot’s portal, including:

  • Time spent on your site
  • New vs. returning visitors
  • Bounce rate (% of users who left after viewing only one page)
  • Device type (mobile vs. desktop)
  • Sessions by country


You’re also free to build a custom analytics dashboard from scratch. If you want to create a Frankenstein of sales and marketing numbers in one dashboard, go for it. Every HubSpot portal comes with at least one blank dashboard you can customize.

Where does this come in handy? Say you have three salespeople who each wants his own set of stats to evaluate. You can create a custom board for each.

It’s easy to pick and choose what you want and break out your data by certain properties.

Adding or subtracting from your report is as simple as choosing from dozens of prebuilt options in the reports library.

  • Contacts
  • Companies
  • Deals
  • Engagements
  • Revenue

When your report is done, it’s added as a tile to your dashboard.

Report Add-On

The reporting add-on in HubSpot lets your team build customized reports in seconds.

The Reports Add-On gives you up to 200 dashboards, regardless of which membership tier you use. So, if you have HubSpot Pro but want the level of reporting features you enjoy with Enterprise, it may be worth buying the Reports Add-On.

The add-on lets you report on virtually any metric from HubSpot Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, or Service Hub, any record from HubSpot CRM, or data from any integrated apps you use via HubSpot App Marketplace. Just like with the other dashboards, you can customize a report from HubSpot’s library of popular reporting templates or build a custom report and charts from scratch.


If you have a HubSpot account you can try a free, 7-day trial of the Reports Add-On. Outside of that, here’s what you’ll be facing:

  • Reports Add-On: Additional $200/month regardless of HubSpot account level (though it’s not an option for HubSpot Free users)
  • HubSpot Marketing Hub Free: Free; standard marketing, sales, and customer service reports on 1 dashboard; no custom reporting
  • HubSpot Marketing Hub Starter: $50/month; Standard marketing dashboard; additional productivity reports on 1 dashboard. No custom reporting.
  • HubSpot Marketing Hub Professional: $800/month); standard marketing dashboard; 1 additional custom dashboard; up to 20 custom reports
  • HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise: $3,200/month; standard marketing dashboard plus up to 25 custom dashboards; up to 500 custom reports.

Getting Started With HubSpot Reports

HubSpot offers a lot of different tiers, dashboards, add-ons, etc. -- enough to make you slightly nauseous if you’re still living the Excel spreadsheet life at work.

We’re a certified HubSpot Partner and have helped dozens of companies find footing on HubSpot’s platforms. So if you have any questions about where to start, or how to read all those numbers in front of your face, drop us a line.

Download the HubSpot CRM & Sales Playbook