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Video: How to Generate More Website Leads With HubSpot Lead Flows

Are you looking to generate more website leads? Have you heard of HubSpot lead flows

Check out this episode of p80 Insta Inbound, where Holly & Renee discuss how lead flows are an easy way to generate leads on your website. 

What Are HubSpot Lead Flows? 

Lead flows help you convert your anonymous website visitors into leads with easy to create and customize pop-up forms. 

Lead flows work on any website, no developer necessary, and the best part...they're free

Ways to Use Lead Flows for Lead Generations 

  1. Email subscription 
    Lead flows are often times used for email subscriptions. It's a great way for a visitor to stay connected with your updates and content.

  2. Promote trade shows and other events
    Lead flows are great to promote your next trade or event. Simply, provide enough information for leads to register for the event or sign up for update emails about the event. You can enroll the leads in a lead nuturing campaign to nurture them after the trade show or event. 

  3. eBook, whitepaper, and other content downloads
    Lead flows are perfect for content offers. Add lead flows to your highly trafficked website pages for more conversion opportunities. 

  4. Demo requests or product inquiry 
    Some website visitors are ready to enter a sales conversation or see a demo of your product. Give them an easily accessible form to contact you. 

HubSpot Lead Flow Example

Almost every page on our website has a lead flow with a relevant content offer. 

Here's an example of the offer on our homepage. 

1. Lead flow callout

Lead Flow

2. Lead flow form

Lead Flow 2

3. Lead flow thank you with content offer hyperlinked

Lead Flow 3

Interested in getting started with lead flows? First, you have to sign up for HubSpot Free. Just click the link below to get started!

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