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Simple Doesn't Mean Easy: How to Make Tough Things Less Tough


The other day, I was sitting at my computer, thinking about going for a walk. I knew I needed to - I had a little extra for dinner and hadn't moved all day. It was a simple decision to get up, put my sneaks on, and get moving.

But it wasn't an easy decision. I really wanted to finish the Netflix show I was watching, I was really  comfortable wrapped up in my blanket, and I really wanted to chow down on some of the nice chocolate in my cupboard. Plus, it was kind of cold outside.

Me, in that moment.

But I sucked it up, put on a hoodie, and walked for an hour.

Why? Because although it wasn't easy, I knew exactly what steps I needed to take to get my ass out of the house. I knew the overall benefits were worth the initial inconvenience. I knew one walk wouldn't make or break my health, but going for one walk every day would certainly increase my health and mood.

I also know that if I didn't know where to start, or if I didn't understand the benefits, or if I had unrealistic expectations, I never would've gotten out of my chair.

Stuff That's Hard But Worth It:

Losing weight is simple. Just eat fewer calories than you burn. But losing weight is not easy. People have different needs, different goals, and different obstacles to overcome before they can actually lose weight.

If you didn't understand how simple losing weight is, or the benefits of it, or what to expect realistically, would you even start?

Exercise is simple. Pick up heavy stuff, put it down, get fit. But exercise is not easy. Heavy stuff is heavy, your muscles hurt for days afterwards, and you don't see immediate results.

If you didn't understand how simple exercising is, or the benefits of it, or what to expect realistically, would you even start?

Getting a job is simple. Apply, interview, get hired. But getting a job is not easy. There are other very qualified competitors for that position, different expectations of each interviewer, and unfixable things that will disqualify you automatically.

If you didn't understand how simple getting a job is, or the benefits of it, or what to expect realistically, would you even start?

Writing a blog is simple. Post 500 words of valuable content a week. But writing a blog is not easy. It takes time that could be spent on other things, it takes expertise to know if you're seeing ROI, and it takes a lot of brainpower to think about topics and write about them intelligently.

If you didn't understand how simple blogging is, or the benefits of it, or what to expect realistically, would you even start?

A lot of things are simple, but not easy. Quitting an addiction, raising kids, keeping your house clean. If you didn't understand the benefits of getting sober, or have realistic expectations for yourself, would you even try?

Is this marketing related, or...

Yeah, kinda. You can apply it to our usual inbound marketing topics. Once you have all the pieces assembled, inbound marketing is simple. But it is never easy, no matter how much experience/time/money you have. 

This is also a post about encouragement. Just because something is hard doesn't mean you can't do it. It's simpler than you think. The benefits are worth it. You just need to have realistic expectations for yourself and your abilities. In short:

  1. Understand the benefits of The Tough Thing
  2. Expect realistic outcomes when you do The Tough Thing
  3. The combination of 1 & 2 will make The Thing simpler and less scary over time

So get out there and do that thing you've always wanted to do. Unless you're, y'know, a murderer or a pyromaniac. Then maybe stay inside.

What are your thoughts?