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    Facebook is the third largest video site in the United States

    Have you started a video campaign yet? We'll admit it, creating video is probably the most intimidating form of inbound marketing for the un-initiated. With that said it's also one of the most rewarding! YouTube has long been the king when it comes to web video, but now with Facebook moving up the ranks you have even more incentive to get started with a video campaign for your small business and its service or product.

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    Facebook's EdgeRank Decides If Your Fans See Your Updates

    For years we have been working hard to get the best Google Page Rank possible so that our products and services appear when a prospect is looking for our offerings. It's time to add Facebook's EdgeRank to our efforts.

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    Social Media Patience Is A Virtue

    It can certainly be frustrating to get excited about bringing social media to your business and have it take off slow. You hear over and over how fast word travels on Facebook and Twitter, but word is still not travelling about your business. Your message is being sent into space and you are getting really good at one-sided conversations. I am sure you have asked these questions to long does it take before I start seeing the fruits of my labor, when do I know it's working, and am I even doing this right??? Don't get frustrated just yet, it takes time and patience.

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    Social Media Spend Increasing By Most Marketers This Year

    This probably comes as no surprise, but as the title indicates, most marketers are increasing the social media spending this year according to Effie Worldwide and Mashable. More specifically, 70% of the marketers surveyed intend to increase their social media investment by 10% or more.

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    Content Multiplication Through Social Media

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    Facebook Says No More FBML, Marketers Rejoice!

    What the heck is FBML you ask? It's not important now really, but it was Facebook's own markup language like HTML. It was also a giant pain in the hind for marketers. Just because you don't program/script/develop doesn't mean you should ignore this post.

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    Facebook Pages Get the Profile Treatment

    One of the first things we always tell folks when they're starting to establish a presence on Facebook is the importance of setting up a personal profile (Dave Kemick) before you create a business page for your company or brand (protocol 80). Even if you don't want a personal profile it's a necessity, but up until very recently the functionality of one versus the other could be quite confusing. Do I invite people to events from my personal profile or business page? Can I post as my business, or does everything have to go through my own profile? Fortunately a lot of this just got a whole lot easier with the launch of the new redesigned Facebook pages and page functionality! Let's run down the brand new goodies...

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    Using Facebook For Your Small Business – Part 6

    In my last post, I went through the Ace Hardware Facebook case study. I understand that some of you small business owners might be thinking that their efforts aren't applicable to what you can do as a much smaller business. That is simply not true. None of what they did is beyond the budget of a small business, especially with the right technicians.

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    Using Facebook For Your Small Business – Part 5

    Let's pick up where we left off on my last post and talk a bit more about Facebook for your small business. As promised, I want to take a look at a case study in this post. With all of the posts (listed below) that I've done on Facebook, I realize that sometimes you need to see some real examples of how Facebook is being used to impact business. As a re-cap, here's a list of the posts I've written in this series. If you haven't already, I would recommend reading these as well:

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    Social Media and the World

    Today's post doesn't involve social media tips or blogging tips for your small business. Today I want to reflect on how social media impacts our world using one story, "The Man With The Golden Voice" as the main reference point. I know...I am late to the game. After all it has been 3 days. Before I make my point, you should probably understand the story. You have likely picked up bits and pieces of the Ted Williams story in water cooler discussion and maybe already have seen the videos. If not take a second to watch...go ahead, I'll wait.

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