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    7 Examples of Scary-Bad Content Marketing Mistakes for Manufacturers

    Content marketing for manufacturers: Good. Hastily implemented content marketing with no strategy: Bad.

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    5 Tips for Manufacturing Website Redesign Success

    Once users land on your website, you have 10 seconds to show them the value your company offers before they leave. If you’re reading this, perhaps that’s happened all too often on your company’s website. Understanding how to execute a manufacturing website redesign (or any industry, really) that will interest and engage prospects will allow you to capture their attention in those first 10 seconds, turning them into leads and hopefully customers one day.

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    Your B2B Prospects Are Judging Your Website

    More than 71% of B2B prospects start their research with a generic search to find potential partners. Although they’re looking for a product first, not a company, your first impression is crucial for getting on their short list.

    Your business is unique, so show your prospects what sets you apart from your competition.

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    WordPress vs. HubSpot CMS Pros and Cons

    What is a CMS? 

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    Jump Off the Website Redesign Hamster Wheel

    How many times has your B2B website been redesigned? Does it seem like every 3-5 years you go through a redesign process with the hope of better results? 

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    Your B2B Website Isn't Broken. It's Your Marketing Strategy

    Picture this: You have a great B2B company (not too hard to imagine, right?). Your team does great work for great clients. You know without a doubt that if more prospects knew about you, you could grow your business like crazy!

    If you're like many of the B2B companies we talk to, you live that story every day. 

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    Does Your B2B Website Suck?

    Let me guess: when you wonder if your B2B website sucks, the first thing you think about is the design.

    We hear it all the time. Everyone hates their website design after the first six months. While design is important, there are four even more important factors that determine the suckiness of your website.

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    How to Improve Sales With Website Conversion Paths

    Conversion Path: The path a visitor takes through your website to become a lead. A typical conversion path requires a call-to-action, a landing page, a form, and a thank-you page.

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    How to Improve SEO by Addressing Duplicate Content

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    3 Critical Signs You Need Inbound Marketing Services

    Mayday, mayday! Your marketing machine is sinking fast! At this point, you can keep struggling along, bleeding money, or you can bring in the big guns. Inbound marketing services are your big guns.

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