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What Is B2B Branding and Why Do Businesses Need It?

Apple (IBM) was recently named the world’s second most valuable B2B brand. And the start of Apple’s branding began in a 1984 Superbowl advertisement.

Since then Apple has been consistent with its branding -- a valuable brand that’s ahead of the curve (sometimes literally). 

But what is B2B branding? And why is it so important to be consistent, like Apple? Let’s take a look.

Defining B2B Branding: What Is It?

Your brand is one of the most valuable assets of your business.

Most business owners confuse branding with design. Changing your logo probably won’t solve your B2B prospect’s problem. And as a business owner, a new logo probably won’t attract new customers or produce leads.

Essentially, branding is an experience (buyer’s journey) for the prospects you hope to motivate (buyer personas). It's a strategy

Let’s think about your sales funnel for a second. Every touchpoint your brand has during the sales process is an opportunity for you to build your brand.

Brand perception is often times created by the salesperson, but it shouldn't be. Especially, if you have more than one salesperson. Odds are you probably have more than one brand perception. So, stop letting your salesperson create your brand and let’s take a look at why strong brands matter so much in B2B.

Why You Need A Strong Brand in the B2B Space

1. A strong brand keeps you top-of-mind

Brand awareness should not be underrated when it comes to branding.

As humans we typically cling to the belief that if something is well known it must be good.

So we go with what we know. Branding can help your brand become the go-to choice.

2. A strong brand keeps customers coming back

Actions speak louder than words, especially when it comes to delighting your customers.

Your brand is a promise and, more importantly, how you deliver that promise.

The customers that have a great experience with your brand are more likely to come back when they need services like yours again.

Note: Employees typically don’t stay at one company their entire careers. So chances are, if you deliver on your promises, you’ll be their go-to brand at their next company as well.

3. Your competition (probably) has weak branding

Odds are, your competition has weak branding. Like most things, branding is a work in progress. But it’s also worth working toward.

On the plus side, if your competitors have weak branding, you’ll stand out even more.

And if your competition has strong branding, you’ll be left further and further in the dust. My guess is you probably don’t want that.

In Short

Your branding is more than design elements. It’s an experience with every touchpoint being an opportunity to promote your brand. Especially your ability to deliver what was promised.

Branding is an important part of the B2B space, and companies that don’t brand themselves are setting themselves up for potential failure. It's not too late to set yourself up for success! 

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