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When content marketing services are done right, a blog post you publish today could still drive 100s of leads 5 years from now.

Talk about ROI!

The way to your prospect’s heart (and wallet) is through your content. They’re going to look in social channels, search engines, and their inbox when they have a problem you can solve. Your content needs to be there, and it needs to be great.

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Content Marketing Challenges Businesses Face:

  • They have no strategy
  • They don't have the modern-day talents and skill sets required
  • It's too labor intensive to execute the right way
  • All of the above
Digital marketing simply doesn't work in 2021 unless you have a strategy based on persona research, SEO and keyword data, and metric tracking and measurement. A stitched-together crew from your current staff will likely be undertrained and overwhelmed trying to keep up with modern best practices.

That's why you need a content marketing agency.

A well-rounded external team offers:

  • Data-driven goal setting, content topic brainstorming, and analysis/reporting
  • Writers with time to blog consistently, while also promoting the content and optimizing older content
  • Search engine experts who understand why your pages haven't ranked in Google (yet!)
  • Graphics and video specialists with the capacity to strategize, film/design, edit, and publish

    Content marketing connects you with your prospects the way modern B2B buyers buy.

The p80 way

our process

We research and assemble a representation of your brand and ideal buyer, tracing the specific steps they take from problem to purchase.

This research is the foundation for content marketing success.
Combining our Persona research, your goals, and SEO data, we plan what content types, topics, and velocity are appropriate to drive success.

We often plan and schedule content in 3-month periods, with flexibility as needed.
With a solid content marketing strategy in place, we get to work creating a variety of content types, such as:

- Blog posts
-Pillar pages
Trade show assets
Social media posts
We monitor key metrics religiously, report on performance regularly, and use data to inform our ongoing content marketing strategy.


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