Strategy First

Lead generation requires strategy. Don't jump into tactics until you have a plan for putting them to work toward the same goal.

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Inbound Marketing and Sales Strategy

Jumping into blogging or email marketing without a plan is like fabricating a widget without a drawing. 

"My inbound marketing isn't working and I don't know why."

Typically it's because people jump right into tactics without stopping and thinking about the strategy. Your marketing should be about 50-50 tactics and strategy. Most people are doing 90-10.

What does an inbound marketing strategy look like?

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Buyer Persona

Buyer personas go much deeper than demographics.

They delve into what really makes your best buyer tick. This helps us produce great content that attracts them and converts them into leads.


Buyer's Journey

Every persona goes through a buyer’s Journey: the process of researching a problem, comparing possible solutions, and making a buying decision.

The Awareness stage is when your Buyer Persona first acknowledges that he/she has a problem and begins initial research. They may not be able to put a name to the problem at this point.

In the Consideration stage, your Buyer Persona has defined his/her problem or opportunity and is now researching how to solve the problem.

When your Buyer Persona reaches the Decision stage, they have decided on a solution or strategy. They know roughly which route they want to take, but need to compare a list of vendors or products before making a final decision.


content_creation1.pngThis graphic from Lion's Share was too good to pass up.

Content is both the most critical aspect of an inbound marketing strategy and the biggest cause for delay. It takes time to create and publish content - but a solid strategy can streamline the process. 

In the content section of your strategy, we identify what content will appeal to your personas at each stage of their journey. This includes premium downloadables, blog posts, social media posts, and other supporting content.



The gameplan is an overview of your entire inbound marketing strategy. It outlines exactly what happens, when, where, and how. The gameplan keeps us on track for success.

Ongoing Optimization

Handling an inbound marketing strategy is a full-time job. It requires analyzing, tracking, measuring, reporting, and optimizing. If you're not consistently evaluating your strategy, you might as well not have one at all. 

The good news is, you don't need to have the expertise in-house to create and implement an inbound strategy. We're here to be your inbound team.

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