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PPC is immediate, highly targeted traffic. If you need leads now, or worse, yesterday, and your website traffic isn't growing fast enough, PPC might be your best bet.

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Facebook-Advertising-For-Manufacturers.jpgPay-per-click advertising can often jumpstart an inbound marketing strategy. If you're starting out with very little traffic, PPC can give an immediate boost in traffic while your SEO strategy is taking effect.


PPC Beyond Google - Social

Most people think of Google when they hear sponsored advertising or paid media, but social channels like LinkedIn and Facebook can provide an excellent source of high quality, target traffic.

I found protocol 80 a few years ago and asked about designing my web site. Josh was a pleasure to work with and the site over the years has been a huge success. We have made quite a few updates to the site , including a secure credit card payment page and customer sign in form.

At their suggestion, we started using Google Ads 3 years ago and that has been a huge success leading to a big jump in my business. Josh and the team are quick to answer my phone calls and take care of any issues that come up with my business. My relationship with the Protocol 80 team has been the best business decision that I have ever made.

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